Types of Digital Marketing

Each type of business needs a different type of digital marketing and the strategies that come with it. It’s always better for a brand or company to have an online marketing strategy, but understanding which ones would work best for the situation, or simply knowing your options might affect or even change the way a company is perceived in the public eye. It’s important to know the types of digital marketing, because you might not always have the budget for an expert.

Search Engine Optimisation 

SEO is one of the strongest types of digital marketing out there. 94% of all the clicks in search results go to organic listings, and even though its methods have changed, the aim is generally the same.

Some businesses need it more than others, and doing keyword research for your business can help immensely. You can use Google Adwords Keywords Planner, and besides keywords, it’s exceptionally well for managing product listing ads.

Pay Per Click Advertising

The most known fort of PPC advertising are the ‘sponsored’ links that appear in Google search, or other search engines. It’s one of the only types of digital marketing that is completely short term, in that when you stop paying, the ad ceases to exist.

In a way, it’s opposite SEO, because SEO is about organic growth, meaning the search results should appear naturally on the top, PPC means that you’re simply paying the search engine to display your website or product at the top.

Public Relation

While PR is not strictly digital marketing, its effect shouldn’t be overlooked. Apart from Viral Marketing, PR is the quickest way to gain exposure. It’s one of the most powerful tools a new business can have, because PR is all about getting your brand or product out there, and publicly promoting it is a surefire way for a brand to receive public recognition.

Social Media Marketing

The best way to connect to a customer is directly, and that is what Social Media Marketing does. It allows you to talk directly to customers, and that is an extremely effective way to make sales, because talking to customers makes them to get to know you, and by doing that you’re increasing their trust in you. Once they trust you they are practically guaranteed to become customers.

Content Marketing

This is a form of marketing that unifies all previous forms of marketing and allows them to work in tandem and unity with one another. It mixes SEO, PR, and social media together, and with proper usage of Content Marketing, your business can become a serious business. It means allowing your content to become available everywhere, whether it’s YouTube or a blog, it doesn’t matter, as long as customers are consuming your content.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you don’t market the product or brand yourself, but rather let someone else do it. A great thing about this is that there isn’t any upfront cost, but whenever you make a sale, you share the profits with affiliates.