Virtual Answering Service Irvine Style

I run a medium sized office within around 20 staff and we serve a number of customers via an online format, as well as some customers who will come in face to face. Last year we pushed for some level of growth and we decided that it would be prudent to hire an answering service. The idea was that we wanted to streamline the way in which we worked and to increase the level of productivity in the business. When it came to a virtual answering service Irvine was the company who we chose, based on a recommendation from a good friend of mine in fact. I had my reservations but I have to say , these guys have delivered time and time again for us.


Something which you always want from this type of service is a high level of professionalism, after all these are the men and women who are going to be talking to your customers before you. This is what we have experienced time and time again and I honestly cannot think of a better service. We have even done some spot checks, or at least we did in the early days, to find out what the call quality was like, and the truth is that we should never have worried, absolutely perfect was the feedback from those tests.

Around the Clock

She have customers from all over the world but as yet we are not able to put together a team which can occupy the premises for 24 hours. This was largely part of the reason why we decided to hire an answer service in the first place. This was also one area of concern for me because as anyone who has worked nights will know, it is tough to get the very highest caliber of staff working at those hours. This again was something which I didn’t need to worry about as the service at 10pm was equally as brilliant as it was at 10am.


I am not sure quite how they do it, and I haven’t asked in case they put the prices up, but the rates which we pay for Irvine are not just competitive, they are lower than he rest of the option which we had originally looked at. Of course when you find something which is cheaper than the average you have concerns over quality, this simply has not been the case with the service from Irvine.


Not only was it seamless to get set up with this company, there were no hardware installations or any such thing, we have also been able to easily scale up with the company. Around 6 months ago we once again pushed for the second half of that growth and the team were able to easily accommodate our extra needs, something which really blew me away  in terms of the ease and stressless nature by which this happened.

If you are looking for a great virtual answering service, these are your guys.