What Skills Does it Take to be a Leader


Leadership skills are not something that all of us are born with but they are something which can help all of us in our day to day lives. Even if you don’t work in a leadership position in your job or you have no interest in becoming a leader, these set of core skills can act as great characteristics which can help you in many aspects of you life.

The good news is hat even if you aren’t a natural born leader like Sun Capital CEO Marc Leder, you can work on and improve these skills in no time, you just need to understand what they are and how to achieve them. With that in mind let’s take a look at some of the skills which leaders display.


All of the best leaders have excellent communication skills and have the ability to have conversations with a side variety of people. Communication is not just about being able to het your message across it is also about being a good listener and if you want to be a leader then these are the skills that you need to work on.

Decision Maker

Leaders are excellent decision makers, they can take all of the options which they have in front of them and inform themselves sufficiently to take appropriate action. Leaders do not make decisions on their own, they know who they should speak to get advice and they can make good judgements on which advice to listen to and which to ignore.


A skill that is prevalent in all leaders is their level of dedication and if you want to improve your leadership skills then you need to learn how to motivate yourself and remain committed to whatever you are doing. It is with this dedication that you will be able  to up your work levels and achieve great results in whatever it is that you are doing.


As well as being self-motivated, leaders are great motivators of other people, they know how to get the best out of people and they can mould their style depending on who it is they are trying to motivate.The skill of motivation others is tough and if it is something that you would like to improve then you need to watch how people perform, watch when they are at their best and assess why they are so motivated in that moment. Some people need to have inspiration to be motivated, others need to have pressure put on them and others deal well with negativity, the job of the leader is to work out which style suits which person.

Team Builder

One of the strongest skills which leaders possess is the ability to build a successful team around them. The key here is to look out for what kind of units make up a great team and try to find those qualities in people. Look around your friendship circle for example, each has their role, look at who does what and how it compliments the dynamic, this is how a great team works and which qualities are necessary in a strong team unit.