Why More and More People Are Looking to Protect Their Online Reputation


The internet is at times a complete free-for-all for anyone to say and do what they feel, whenever they like and direct it at anyone they choose. We have heard all about internet trolls who make it their mission to comment and share things across the internet which are intended to make the lives of many a misery.

The internet is policed but not in the same way in which our day to day lives are and that can cause devastating consequences to individuals and to businesses. Reputation is something that many businesses, important individuals and celebrities hold very dear and they often hire people like Reputation Management Consultants Eric Schiffer and his team to ensure that their online reputation is kept in good standing. Let’s take a look at why people need these firms.

One Mistake

Some people make a single, solitary mistake and are forced to pay for it for the rest of their lives online. Mistakes happen both in business and in our private lives and if we have already paid for it then we should not be forced to live through it online forever. Reputation management company scan ensure that the mistake remains as that and disappears into the past where it belongs.


Guilty by association is a terrible thing to go through and to have your reputation damaged as the result of someone else’s errors or bad practice is something that nobody should have to suffer. A reputation management company can ensure that all ties are cut with the person or business with him you had an association in order to best protect you reputation online.


There is an old saying that says ‘mud sticks’, this refers to you having an accusation leveled at you which, even when proved as false, will never disappear and will always be in people’s minds when they speak or deal with you. This is wrongly apparent online and whenever a claim is made against you or your business, there is often little you can do to truly prove that it is ridiculous. For this reason, many people use a reputation management company to eradicate these rumors and falsehoods which have been thrown at them. Often you will find competitors or disgruntled ex-employees leveling claims at other businesses which are completely unfounded and a rep management company will restore order and make them disappear.


Many individuals will look to an online reputation management company when applying for a new job. Few of us consider a prestigious job when we are younger and fill our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages with all of the madness of youth. When we apply for respectable jobs however, we want our prospective employer to see us in a good light and simply deleting social media is not enough. An online reputation management company can ensure that your new employers find nothing but professionalism when they search for your name on a search engine.