10 Essential Tools You Need In Your House For DIY Home Improvements and Repairs

Home improvements and repairs can be daunting because of the cost to hire a pro and the list just keeps getting longer – from remodelling the kitchen to reinventing a room, adding energy-efficient windows and appliances, repainting the house, deck addition, basic updates and the list goes. Instead of hiring a team of day laborers to carry out these tasks, there are many household projects that are better done with your own two hands, provided you are equipped with the appropriate tools.

Home improvements increase the value of your home and DIY home projects can save you an insane amount of money. But first, you’ll need some tools to get the job done. Here are the top 10 essential tools that an ambitious DIYer needs to have in the house:

Hand tool set

Cordless power drill & screwdriver set

Drill bits in various shapes and sizes

Caulk gun

Nail gun

A power multi-tool, oscillating tool, or oscillating power tool

Miter saw

Voltage tester


Stud finder

If you are ambitious enough to take your DIY home improvement project up a notch and build something from scratch at home yourself, you can buy cheap building materials in bulk as discounts are usually available for bulk purchases. DIY enthusiasts can stretch their budget further by buying building materials online from one of the many online suppliers out there.

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There you go – the above 10 tools are the most generic and essential tools to have for any home DIY jobs. If you are more specific on painting, you can add various size brushes and rollers. Do make good use of these essential tools, handle all the home needs yourself, and save a substantial sum of money.

Remember that good quality tools, while more expensive, will last longer and let you work with less effort and stress.

Which tools do you use most frequently for your DIY home projects?