4 Inexpensive Ways to Maintain Your Bissell

Once you’ve invested in a Bissell appliance, you are never going to want to use anything else. The standard of the machine and its attention to detail will leave you lost in cleaning bliss, while your home reaps the benefits. Keep that machine in tip-top running shape with cost-effective and easy to do maintenance, that can easily be done yourself. Have a look at these four inexpensive ways to maintain your Bissell. 


Over time, a slow, steady drip could lead to water problems in the motor of your machine that will certainly cost more than a simple parts replacement. If something like a leaky bladder in your carpet cleaner is the problem, replace it now and save yourself some trouble down the road. Bladders hold the water for your carpet cleaner, but overtime or from misuse they could wear out and need replacing. No problem, just buy a new one online by matching up the parts numbers or calling in for assistance and keep your machine running the way it was designed.

Floor Brush

Those little bristles on the bottom of your floor brush are designed so as not to ruin the surface of your floor. They’ll wear out long before your floor will, so keep an eye on when they will need replacing. Maybe even keep a spare around just so you don’t have to go looking when it’s too late. Floor brushes will make your carpet cleaning project easier and faster when you have a new part installed, getting the job done the best way possible.


We have all had problems in our lives with hard to find parts, well not anymore. When you are looking for difficult to find parts like a ProHeat pump for your Bissell, just look online with a reputable company. You don’t need to replace the whole machine, just get that part that used to be hard to find and get back to work. Made to fit in a variety of machines makes it easier to find those Bissell carpet cleaner spares, fast and easy.


Accessories for you’re your Bissell are a great way to get more diversity out of a machine that you already own. Adding various ends and attachments give more variety to what you can do with one machine. Nozzles and end attachments are easy to use and easy to buy in the event you break one. Pick up a new attachment for your Bissell, rather than trying to fill the void with a different appliance. A great way to get more use from your machine and save you money.

Owning a Bissell machine is akin to owning the industry standard of cleaning appliances, and you’ll be happy to be the proud owner of one. Over time or from the odd accident, you might find you need some spares or replacement parts. When you want to find them easily, and at the best price, the good people at Spares2You.co.uk can get the job done and have you back up and running in no time.