4 Problems Lurking in Your Closet and How to Stop Them

When you think of your most valuable assets, you probably don’t think of your closet. You should, though. A study indicates that the average woman’s closet has $2,000 worth of personal belongings. What you also may not know is that these goods are at risk. Here are four problems lurking in your closet and how to stop them.

Lack of Air

Image via Flickr by njhomepictures

With so much invested in your clothes, you’re likely to try to protect your best pieces. In doing so, you could cause unintentional harm. When you take your clothes to the dry cleaner, the store will return your clothes in a plastic bag. You may believe that this cover protects your items from harm. That’s partially correct, but you must understand why it’s an imperfect solution.

When you have your clothes in plastic bags, any remaining stains will oxidize. If the dry cleaner cannot remove every stain, the remaining ones become permanent, ruining your outfit. Unless you use a breathable garment bag, you’re doing more harm than good.


The quandary in your closet is that you should cover your clothes. While many plastic bags are harmful, dust is just as bad. When you have dusty clothes in your wardrobe, you’ll attract pests. You’ll learn the problems these creatures cause in a moment.

You’ll also face health issues when you wear your clothes. WebMD suggests that more than 20 million people have dust allergies. Picking the wrong item from your wardrobe will leave you sneezing all day. It could even trigger an asthma attack. The dust in your closet is such a problem that you should prioritize cleaning it. Make it part of your regular household dusting routine. Dust in your closet at least once a month.


Have you ever noticed a musty smell on your clothes? That’s a sign that you have too much moisture in your closet. While moisture is your best friend in keeping your home at a tolerable temperature, it can cause problems in your closet. With too much water in the air, the closet becomes the worst place to store your clothes. They’ll all start to smell, and you won’t want to wear them any longer.

You can take several steps to stop excess moisture, though. A dehumidifier is a great investment for a closet. It’ll suck the extra water out of the air. Another idea is to replace your door with a louvered one for better air flow. Finally, you should avoid storing damp items in the closet. That’s the quickest way to make your entire wardrobe smell musty.


Bugs love areas that are dark, moist, and/or musty. Yes, those are the defining attributes of your closet. As such, you must take steps to prevent pests from becoming permanent residents of your closet. Otherwise, moths and other bugs will literally eat your clothes. Mothproofing your closet is a critical step in protecting your wardrobe.

With so much invested in your closet, you must take steps to protect it. The four things listed here are all a danger to your wardrobe. Examine your closet to see how safe you are.