5 Ideas For Concealing Cables And Having The Perfect Living Room

Living room

Living room

In every living room, there are dozens of electrical appliances from flat screen televisions to table lamps. In order to make a room as comfortable and safe as possible, it is necessary that any electric cables are kept safely out of the way. Cables which trail freely along the floor can cause people to trip over and potentially injure themselves or other people.

Pets such as rabbits and cats are notorious for chewing on exposed cables: this could lead to the pet getting a fatal electric shock, or could cause the house to experience a power cut. Damaged cables need to be repaired by professionals such as Thornbury Electrics.

Also, power cables may look like harmless toys to babies and small children who may be tempted to play with the wires. Children risk being strangled or electrocuted if they play with the wires.

Read this helpful guide which will explain how to conceal cables in order to have a safe and comfortable living room that the whole family can enjoy.

Drill Holes In The Walls

Television cables can be concealed by drilling some holes in the wall and feeding the wires through the holes and into the wall cavity. Thornbury Electrics in Carlisle can drill wall holes safely to conceal unsightly wires.

Buy Cordless Equipment

The first step to dealing with troublesome cords is to buy appliances which don’t have any leads attached to them. Telephones which have long wires could cause people to have accidents, so why not just buy a cordless phone? This will allow everyone to have conversations with their friends and relatives in any part of the house. Cordless phones are also less likely to be pulled down from the table by any babies or toddlers who are playing in the living room.

Use Power Cord Clips

Cords can make the floor extremely cluttered if they are allowed to trail across the living room in an untidy manner. The cords can make a room look unappealing for any guests who have happened to pay a visit. In order to clear the floor, use power cord clips to hold bunches of wires in places. These clips are made of lightweight materials such as plastic, so there is no danger of the cords being damaged whilst they are held together. Once the wires have been safely stored in these clips, there is less danger of people tripping over. The clips are designed so that they can’t be pulled apart by inquisitive babies and toddlers.

Buy Flowers To Conceal Wall Cables

Cables which run along the wall can look unsightly. Don’t paint over wall cables because this could cause them to become damaged and they may cease to work properly. Instead, why not put some flowers in a vase and place them on tables next to the walls? The brightly-coloured flowers will obscure the unsightly cables and will make the room look and smell fantastic.

Position Furniture Differently

Sometimes, cables can be concealed effectively by simply switching the furniture around. Putting chairs in front of wires will instantly clear the floor of any hazardous cords. Don’t put furniture directly on the cables because this could cause damage.

Use this guide in order to conceal unsightly cables.