5 Ideas for Decorating Your First Post-Dorm Montreal Apartment


Now that you’ve graduated from university and moving into your own apartment in Montreal, your next challenge is to learn how to decorate it properly. Your dorm-style décor isn’t going to cut it. Even the best apartments for rent within the island of Montreal will lose their appeal if you don’t decorate properly.

At the same time, you’re going to have to work with certain limitations. You are going to need approval form your landlord if you want to make any permanent changes. And of course, you also have to think about your budget.

With these limitations in mind, here are some decorating ideas that you should consider:

  1. Use removable wallpaper. It may not be a very good idea to paint your walls or put wallpaper in your home. Your landlord will probably object to it. But you can opt for removable wallpaper instead.

Yes, such a thing exists. In fact, you even have lots of options. You just peel them and stick them, and that’s it. If the time comes that you need to move out, you can just peel them off with no one the wiser. These things were designed for renters.

  1. Pick lighter colors. So which wallpaper should you use? Your best option is to go with lighter and softer hues. These colors can help make your small apartment look bigger. Also, they’re much more relaxing.
  2. Upgrade your lighting. Again, you may not be able to change your fixtures, even though rentals generally have mediocre lighting. Such changes can be too expensive. But you can always change the bulbs to something more to your liking.

You can also buy table lamps and upright lamps for your apartment. You can set these up to create the mood you like for your rental home. Then when it’s time to move, you can just take them with you.

  1. Get fresh curtains. The curtains in your new apartment may not be exactly the look you want. You can replace lackluster ones with fresh upgrades. Even simple roller blinds, or curtains from Ikea, will be better than the default apartment window coverings. Check with your landlord first before making any upgrades.
  2. Use rugs. These are apartment furnishings that you can also take with you when you leave. A nice area rug can cover ugly cracks and stains on the floor. Also, they can add color and texture to your space. A new rug is a better option than the usual cold laminate or worn-out carpet.

You have to keep in mind that decorating your apartment to your liking is a must. No matter how long you plan on staying, you have to make it your home.