5 Tips To Make Your Garden Sexier!



When Summer arrives and brings with it good weather we naturally want to spend more time outside in the garden. It is at this time that very often our gardens are exposed as not quite being up to the standard that we wish, worse still if you have neighbours with a beautiful and well cared for garden. What usually happens is that we put off doing something to make our garden look better until it is too late and then Autumn arrives, and that is it for another year. So why not make this Summer the time when you give your garden a makeover, set 2 or 3 days to one side to spend on it and follow these top tips to sex up your garden.

Water Feature

Putting a water feature in your garden can help to transform it, in the past water features were expensive additions to the garden but those days have long gone. Today you can pick up a wide variety of water features for next to nothing, from sculptures and statues to large cascading waterfalls.  Make sure you get a water flow sensor to monitor how much water you are using in your water feature.



If you are the type of person that doesn’t have green fingers then the best garden for you is one that requires minimal maintenance. It can be easy to get excited in the garden store and buy several colourful plants and bushes but if you aren’t going to spend the time with their upkeep then your garden will quickly look messy and chaotic. If you reduce the amount of greenery in your garden and opt for stones or paved areas then your new low maintenance garden will look beautiful once again.

New Lawn

Many homeowners simply live with the lawn that they already have and during the years they buy a multitude of chemicals and products to try to regain that lush green appearance. Purchasing a new lawn is a great way to sex up your garden and will save you time and effort trying to bring your existing lawn back to it’s former glory.



Using wood chips, stones or fencing to create boundaries in your garden gives a great visual effect. Once you have created sections in your garden then you could also consider give each one a different theme of flowers, paving or even a barbecue area. A garden without boundaries may look more spacious but it rarely looks attractive. You can pick up all types of edging and other products to help you create the boundaries for little cash and can implement them with little effort, minimal work with a  maximum effect.

Welcome Nature

Placing things in your garden to encourage the birds and the bees is a great way to sex up your garden. Bird houses look great in the garden and watching the birds come and go for food and water when you are sitting outside looks fantastic. Bird feed is inexpensive and not only will inviting these flying friends into your garden look great but you can also do your small part for nature.