5 Top Tips for a Stress-Free Move



Moving carries a lot of weight, literally and figuratively. Many individuals, especially those with children, end up getting burnt out and can often fall foul of stress or minor illnesses. However, moving house doesn’t have to be an anxiety ridden event. There are steps and precautions you can take to make it relatively effortless.

Start Packing in Advance  

Some people will raise an eyebrow when you start packing a month in advance, but you will be cool as a cucumber come moving day. When you start packing well before your move date you have opportunity to have a clear out as you go, killing two birds with one stone. This is especially valuable when it comes to family homes as it will give yourself a fresh start when you enter your new property.

The best option is to take a room by room approach, just leaving the bare essentials in place. If you take a methodical and logical approach you can move at your own pace and steer clear of any stress or sickness.

Get Professional Help

There is one thing that people thank their lucky stars for when they move and this is their local removals company. Going it alone and renting a van is only going to spike stress levels and potentially result in an injury if you try to move heavy furniture. Eliminate any need for lifting and shifting by getting in touch with your local removals firm and finding out what removal services they offer, some can even do all the packing and unpacking for you!

Organised Packing and Labelled Boxes

It goes without saying that rooms should be focused on one by one and no items should be mixed up. If you are getting a removals company to do your packing, make sure you tell them your plan. It is likely that they will have some tips and tricks up their sleeves to make everything easier for you.

If packing yourself, make sure every box is clearly labelled. Labelling the boxes and having corresponding signs on the doors of your new property will mean that you and your removals experts will know exactly where each box needs to go and will save time. It may also be helpful to label your boxes ‘H’ (for high priority unpacking), ‘M’ (for medium), and ‘L’ for low.

Call in The Calvary

On moving day, anybody who cannot lift boxes or unpack needs to be out the way. Babies and little ones will often divert their parents’ attention from the job in hand, making the process slower and more stressful.

The best option is to send your children to a friend’s house or hire a babysitter to entertain them for the day. Grandparents are also a fantastic option as children won’t feel as if they are missing out on the action if they are getting spoilt by Granny and Grandad!

Utilise a Local Storage Unit

Having a breathing space, such a local household storage unit is a great option for those moving into smaller properties or aren’t sure of furniture logistics in their now home. They are also a valuable space to keep items between properties.

Not having enough room or not having a safe place to keep your excess items can result in a lot of worry. Giving yourself some much needed respite, knowing that your items are accessible and safely looked after, will go a long way in preventing stress related illnesses.