5 Ways a Walk in Shower Will Revolutionize Bath Time


One of the hardest things that we elderly have to contend with is getting in and out of a bath. This gets more challenging as we advance in our age, which in turn increases the risk of falls and injuries. Some of us don’t bathe or shower every day because of the trouble of running it or showering inside the tub. Luckily, a walk in shower enclosure provides the perfect solution. I’m going to describe five reasons why you should make the switch to one in this article.

1# Bathing is Much Faster:

If you want a shower, it takes less time than running a bath. With a walk in shower, you simply turn it on and in you go. This usually takes less than five minutes and you can quickly be clean on both the morning and evening after those hot sweaty days.

2# A Walk in Shower is Much Safer:

Safety is a major concern for the elderly. Climbing in and out of the bath tub increases the risk of injury. It’s quite high to get in and after you’ve been in the bath or showered, the surface is wet and slippery. As a result, it’s more likely that you will fall and the height of the bathtub to the floor can cause moderate injuries or worse. It’s not uncommon to hear of someone breaking bones after falling in the bathroom. The good news is that a walk in shower is different. As long as you put a mat on the floor inside, all you need to do is step in and out. Fewer people fall compared to using a tub.

3# Temperature Control is Easier:

One of the worst things about taking a bath or shower is having to get the water temperature perfect. If it’s too hot, it burns and when it’s too cold getting in is uncomfortable. Adjusting the temperature in a shower inside the tub is quite challenging and you may end up getting wet before stepping inside. Luckily, the controls for a walk in are easier and you can set the temperature however you like. Then, the only thing left to do is turn on the water and wait for it to warm up.

4# It’s Easier to Clean:

A walk in shower has a glass enclosure which makes it easier to clean compared to a bathtub. And, you don’t have to worry about the shower curtain becoming dirty and grimy over time either. This makes life more convenient.

5# You Have More Space in the Bathroom:

A shower takes up less floor space than a tub. This makes the bathroom feel less cramped and again reduces the risk of slips and falls. When you have more space, you have more flexibility.

The Takeaway Message:

Upgrading to a walk in shower is a great investment for people who are advancing in their age. Taking care of yourself is easier and safer compared to running a bath or showering inside the tub. It’s also easier to clean and gives you more space in your bathroom. Replacing your tub really will revolutionize the way you view bath time.