A Guide on Cleaning your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner isn’t the kind of equipment where you buy and forget about it. It requires regular maintenance and cleaning. When you clean your AC, you are improving the air quality as well as efficiency. Below is a guide on how you can clean up your air conditioner.

First Check the Instruction Manual

Just before you open the lid on your AC, always read the AC’s instruction manual. There should be an entire section written about how to clean your AC unit. In case you don’t find the manual, you can always head to the manufacturer’s site and get it from there. From the manual, you will also find information on how to open parts of your AC for cleaning. Before you start the cleaning process, confirm that the machine has been turned off at the mains socket.

Start with The Filters

Filters require regular cleaning because dust accumulates on it in a very short period. This mostly affects indoor AC’s. This accumulation of dirt usually leads to clogging of the filter, making it harder for it to push air.

Cleaning the filters isn’t rocket science, and all you have to do is pop the plastic opening and remove the filter. Confirm the number of filters that your unit has on the manual. It is recommended that you clean the filter at the start of every summer. You should, however, do this after a couple of weeks.

Additionally, as great as regular cleaning is. It is advisable for you to replace the filters after a year. To remove dirt, you can vacuum them or use a brush to remove the dirt. You can also wash the filters with warm water and detergents.

The Louvres

The louvres are the oscillating blades that are immediately found after the filter. These, too, deserve a thorough cleaning in order to remove the dirt that might have passed through the filters. With a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth, you can clean your AC’s louvres.

The Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit deserves as much attention as the indoor one. This is why the area surrounding the unit should be clean. Grass should be cut at a reasonable length near it. Plants should also be kept at bay. Vacuum it at least once a month to remove any dirt that might be inside.

What about The Condenser Coils?

Yes, the condenser coils also need to be cleaned regularly. But to access them, you must remove the housing, and this can pose to be a big challenge for most people. It is best if it’s left to the professionals. After all, your AC should undergo professional maintenance annually to prevent it from breaking down. During maintenance, your HVAC technician will definitely clean your condenser coils.

If you do it yourself, you risk damaging some parts, and this could void your warranty. You could also accidentally interfere with electrical systems, which can pose a threat to you and your loved ones.

Air Conditioner Servicing

Regularly cleaning your AC unit isn’t enough to prolong the life of your unit. This is why you need to get your AC unit serviced regularly. The technician will check several things such as refrigerant levels, the condenser coils and also confirm if the thermostat is working correctly.

Most manufacturers recommend that air conditioners should be serviced annually. They also say that if the owners adhere to the above cleaning habits, their units will remain in perfect shape for the longest time possible.

Additional tips include running the ‘dry out’ program, which evaporates moisture condensed on the heat exchanger and prevents mould growth in the unit. Always use a soft damp cloth to wipe any ducts or vents.