Basic information to be aware of while hiring a moving company

How to succeed in making an estimation?

Moving procedure can be tricky especially if you have no experience and don’t’ know how to choose a reliable service. Here we will tell you more regarding making the right choice and advise you what questions to ask your moving company to ensure safety of your stuff. First of all, make a list of companies that are suitable for you, like, if you are planning short distance relocation – address interstate movers orange county, or whether they provide required services and have positive reviews. For sure, California has a lot of trustworthy expert movers and it doesn’t matter if the company is not big or well-known – the reputation and the range of delivered services is of greater importance.


After an initial screening is done ask representative to visit your place to look through your belongings and ask to provide a written binding estimate or a binding not-to-exceed estimate.  Both documents will indicate how much you will have to pay. This data is extremely useful you are planning an interstate move as local movers able evaluate the process accurately; it is harder to calculate expenses when you are dealing with international relocation.

Estimation document, inventory list, bill of landing are essential documents client must be provided with. Make sure they are signed by you and moving-company representative. Review your estimate closely, it should include following information: quantity of goods you are moving, the distance to your new destination point, additional services and supplies the moving firm is providing.


After receiving estimation papers from the chosen moving companies’ client is able comparing the bids and compare extra costs. If the company is reputable clients is welcome to negotiate.

What you need to know before hiring a moving company?

Apart from comparing prices and making estimation there are other essential questions to consider before hiring a moving company. Among them there are:

  1. Make sure the chosen company has license and insurance. This is essential demand for legal operation. Any reputable moving company is a member of the American Mover and Storage Association and operates in compliance with federal laws.

Insurance guarantees that your personal stuff will be handled with care. In case something will be broken or lost the firm reimburses all losses.

  1. Make inquiry about professional experience. The longer stays in business the higher chances that it provides high-quality services.
  2. Check the availability of necessary equipment.
  3. Ask about storage facilities and their safety as in case your items will be kept there, etc.

Taking care of this basic information will save you a lot of time in future as you will be completely sure that the chosen service is reliable and worth of your trust.