DIY tips for inspirational home décor


One does not need a degree or special qualifications to carry out DIY, and one does not need to be a professional interior designer to create a home that inspires confidence and inspiration. With a few simple tweaks and changes, and a great dash of imagination, it is possible to bring a home truly to life.

Home improvement

Improving one’s home need not cost the earth. While money spent on a home is often money well spent, as it enhances the property and may add value to it, any home improvement that is a DIY project is often carried out on a budget and does not suffer because of it. DIY projects can be as simple as changing the color or texture of soft furnishings or moving furniture around, or they can be a bit more involved, such as putting up shelves or large-scale paint jobs.

Big changes, small cost

If a big change is what is wanted, then the best place to start is with the main features of a room. These will include doors, windows, moldings and fireplaces. To take a door as an example. If the door is made of wood but has been painted, one may want to strip the paint off to reveal the natural grain of the wood beneath. While this may take quite a bit of work, it is relatively inexpensive to carry out, only needing either a paint stripping tool or chemical and a scraper. The same goes for a painted fireplace or hearth.

Big changes, greater cost

One of the most impactful areas in a room is the window, and it is possible to make a room feel completely different by changing how the window is dressed. For example, curtains hung at windows may suggest a traditional style, or may be used to add texture and warmth to a large room.

However, curtains may be too overpowering in a small room, or simply not fit in with the style of a contemporary room set, in which case, a different type of window dressing, such as café style shutters, may be a better choice.

Now, having shutters fitted to a window is admittedly not an inexpensive DIY solution, but it may be a very savvy one. Shutters are not only bang on trend right now, but because they fit snug against the window frame are great at providing insulation, both in terms of energy and noise. And if there is a worry that white shutters will be too stark, then that worry can be dismissed, because shutters come in a wide range of colors, from pastels to wood stains.

Adding color

Of course, the easiest and perhaps cheapest way of adding life to a home is to bring in color. While neutral colors are as popular as ever they were, one should not be shy of adding bold shades and mixing up the color palette a little. Paint need not only be used in block colors, one color per room, but can also be used to create murals or patterns on the walls, thereby adding interest and personality and creating a feature or accent wall.

Another DIY decorating trick is to paint fake picture frames on the walls and then paste or stick photographs within them. This unusual trick will add glamour to even the emptiest looking of walls.

Clever positioning

To add extra illumination and a touch of opulence, hang a large mirror in the room, ideally opposite the light source. The mirror will reflect light back into the room, making small spaces seem larger. If the mirror has an eye-catching frame, such as antique gold gilding, mosaic tiles or metalwork, then the impact will be even greater.

Think outside the box

Sometimes, all that is needed is to look at things a little differently. For example, instead of wallpapering the walls, wallpaper the inside of a piece of furniture, such as a display cabinet or bookshelf. This will create an interesting and colorful background for those objects one wants to draw the most attention to.


If the furniture in the home is still in good working order but the upholstery is showing some signs of wear, do not feel compelled to change the items. Instead, get a whole new look for the home by removing the old upholstery and replacing it with brand new fabric that reflects current trends and which has features, such as studs or trims.

There are many ways to create an inspirational home through DIY projects, and the beauty of these is that they can be carried out inexpensively and come with the satisfaction of creating something beautiful by oneself.