Home Improvement Tips for Seniors

When you have an elderly loved one who decides to pursue an independent living, be supportive of it. You might worry about this decision, but it helps. Older people become more active and alert when they’re alone. It’s better than letting them reside in a nursing home and be completely dependent on others. The good thing is you can improve their new home and make it more suitable for independent living. Therefore, these tips will help.

Widen the doorways

Injuries usually happen on the doorways. Older people bump their heads on their way out. Others have a hard time getting in when they carry a few things. The best way to avoid this issue is by widening the doorways. Let them choose the most convenient door design too.

Put grab bars in the bathroom

Bathrooms will always be slippery since they’re always wet. Injuries happen in the bathroom for this reason. Grab bars can help the elderly avoid slipping. They also help people with mobility issues. You might also consider installing a walk in shower enclosure. Bathing is easier and safer with this feature.

Add a wheelchair ramp

When your elderly loved one is already using a wheelchair to move around, adding a ramp would help. Moving around alone won’t be a problem when there’s a ramp.

Adjust the countertops and storage spaces

While it’s easy to order food online, some older people prefer cooking their food. Hence, it helps if you adjust the kitchen to make it easier for them to do this chore. Start by adjusting the countertop for easy food preparation. Move all the necessary cooking items to the lower storage spaces.

Install a chair lift or elevator

If your loved one prefers living alone, downsizing might be an option. It makes no sense to live in a 2-storey house since there’s too much effort going up and down the stairs. Putting everything on the same floor makes living easier and prevents injuries from happening. However, if it’s not an option, consider installing a chair lift or elevator. There won’t be an issue living in a 2-storey house with this feature.

Remove items that may cause injuries

Remember when you started to babyproof your house? You might have to do the same for your elderly loved ones. They won’t be mentally sharp anymore. It’s easy for them to get injured because of items lying around the house. It helps if you remove them to stop these injuries. Look around and see if some things may cause harm and cover them up.

Place instructions everywhere

Apart from home improvement, you must also consider putting written instructions in the right places. Simple chores might be challenging for some seniors since they couldn’t remember what to do first. They might not even know where to find the tools needed to get the job done. These simple reminders can go a long way.

With these tips, you will feel more confident leaving your elderly loved one in a house without assistance.