How do I keep my kitchen pest-free?

The kitchen is still considered the heart of the home because this is where families meet and spend the most time together. It’s also the most desirable place for most pests because this is where the food and water is.

If you have a pest issue then, in most cases, the first sighting of the pest will be in the kitchen. In fact, you can use the first sighting to locate a nest as there will always be a trail, you simply need to follow it back. If you’re not sure how to do this then your local pest control service will take care of it for you.

In fact, you should speak to your local expert now and confirm the pests that are most prevalent in your area, this will help you to prepare the right line of defense. Click here to find out more about your local pest control experts.

Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Pest free:

It’s better to prevent a problem from happening and these tips should help you to do just that:

Throw It Away Right

With the dramatic increase in environmental concerns, everyone is sorting their kitchen waste into different piles. This can lead to piles of rubbish in unsealed bins, which is heaven for a pest.

You need to make sure all rubbish is placed inside a sealed container. When it’s time to empty the bin pull the bag out and knot it, before removing it from your house. Ideally, it should be kept in another sealed container outside until collection time.

Eating & Cleaning

Food is generally prepared in the kitchen, which means the crumbs are also in the kitchen. In order to prevent these from being a feast for pests you’ll need to clean the kitchen straight away, all food should go back into sealed containers and countertops wiped down.

But, you should also consider only eating in the kitchen or outside. This will reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do to keep the pests out. You know the crumbs will only be in one place, not spread across your home.

Washing Up

It’s nice to sit and chat after you’ve eaten but you also need to make sure your dishes are washed promptly. If you don’t you’ll find that pests are attracted.

You can make this worse by leaving dishes soaking in water. The standing water and the food waste on your plates will attract even more pests, it’s the perfect feeding and drinking ground for them.

Check The Room

Being vigilant means keeping an eye open for any sign of pests, this will allow you to act quickly before it becomes a bigger issue.

But, you can also opt for a pre-emptive strike and look around the kitchen, as well as your whole house, for potential entry points.

If you find any seal them up, the harder it is for a pest to get in the more likely they are to go elsewhere.