How to Hang Wall Art

Do you have all the right furniture for your home but feel that something’s missing? Many modern homes and apartments have huge, plain walls that require more than just an empty space. Wall art is an elegant solution that many people use, but it takes more to hang wall art than just slapping it on the wall. Here is the ultimate guide to hanging wall art.

Looking at the Blank Space

Before you even start considering the many types of wall art available, you will have to look at the blank space you want to fill and consider what will best serve that space. There are a few different ways to determine the size and shape of the wall art you should choose. Generally speaking, you’ll want to measure the wall so that you will be able to make the piece seem centered. Having wall art that covers the width of the wall minus 6 to 12 inches on either side is one good rule of thumb.

Complicated Spaces

If you are hanging wall art over a piece of furniture, you should choose a piece of wall art that is no more than the length of the furniture piece. If you have a large wall that will be too expensive to cover with one piece, use smaller pieces that can give a similar impression to an art gallery wall. Keep at least 2 inches between each smaller piece and keep the spacing consistent. If you have an unconventional space where you want to hang a piece of wall art, such as an angled wall beneath stairs, measure the width of the wall where you want the top of your piece of wall art to go and then use the same 6 to 12 inches on either side formula with that shortest width.

Hanging Height

Of course, figuring out the right size and shape of wall art is only the beginning. The real challenge often comes when you start hanging the wall art. First you must decide how high you want to hang your art. Oftentimes you will want to keep the art level with your sightline, which means that the art should be centered around 60 inches up. The exception is when you’re hanging the art above a piece of furniture, in which case you should hang it so that the bottom is about 6 to 8 inches from where the top of the furniture is.

How to Hang Wall Art

Once you know the place where you want to hang the wall art and have purchased your desired piece, you should measure the wall art and frame the area of the wall with painter’s tape. Step back and look at the spot to determine if the placement is correct. Remember that you don’t have to necessarily follow all these rules. If you have a plant or a piece of furniture that offsets the wall art, then it might be better to hang it slightly off-center. Once you are satisfied with where your wall art is going to be placed, you should figure out how you want to hang it. Some lighter pieces can be hung with pushpins or removable adhesive tabs that won’t have as much of an affect on your walls. Heavier pieces will need nails or screws in order to not fall. If you have exceptionally heavy or expensive pieces, you may want to call in a professional to mount them for you.

Attractive wall art is an excellent way of finishing off a room in a relatively budget-friendly way. The best art in the world cannot make a room perfect, however, if it is not well-hung. By following this guide, you will be able to make the most out of your walls and your wall art.