How to Stay Warm When It’s Freezing Outside

In the winter, staying warm can feel like a mission, even when you’re inside. The last thing you want is to get home and not be able to warm up, though. To make sure your home keeps you pleasantly toasty even during the coldest winter days, read on.

Get a Fireplace

A fireplace will keep you nice and toasty, whether it’s raining, snowing, or hailing outside. After coming in from sub-zero temperatures, you will feel comforted by the blazing fire. Get a flueless gas fireplace for a beautiful antique feature that will fit perfectly into your lounge or bedroom. Not only will the fireplace keep you warm, but it will also make any room look better.

More Blankets

You don’t always have to run up your energy bill when trying to stay warm. Invest in more blankets, and use them every time you start to feel a chill. The warming up might not be instant, but before long, the blanket will help trap the heat where you are sitting. If you get extra cool in the night, you can throw a blanket over your duvet to help you stay toasty under the covers.

Schedule the Heating

Having the heating on twenty-four hours a day is expensive. Don’t avoid putting it on altogether, though. Not only will this make your house cold in the winter, but it also increases your risk of frozen pipes. You’d be spending more on plumbing than you would have on keeping your home toasty! Schedule the heating in your home so that it comes on just before you wake up and just before you get home from work. That way, you will reap the benefits of the heating without having it on for too long.

Invest in Double or Triple Glazing

Your windows have a significant impact on how warm the home is. If you have the spare money, consider investing in double or even triple glazing to keep the cool out and the warm in. While replacing windows does cost a lot of money, remember that you will eventually save money from not having the heating on as much.

Seal All Drafts

Your home will turn cold quickly if there are any drafts you haven’t tended to. Gaps under doors, slightly open windows, and cracked floorboards will all let in cool air. Avoid this by sealing them as much as you possibly can. Even just throwing a rug down can help keep a room nice and warm.

Extra Layers

There’s a higher chance you’ll feel cold if you only wear a t-shirt and shorts inside during winter. That might be fine in summer, but when the temperature drops, you should layer your clothes. A t-shirt with a jumper over the top would work better, and if you really want to get cosy, a dressing gown is always a great way to keep warm. Don’t forget your slippers!

This list will help you turn even the coldest home into a warm, pleasant, and comfortable one. You won’t be able to wait until you can get home!