Simple DIY Hacks to Revamp Your Home

If you’re the kind of person who loves to save money, recycle materials and get a bit creative then these simple DIY hacks should give you some inspiration. From interior decorating ideas to super space-saving solutions, your next DIY project starts here.

Gin bottle candle holders

As well as being very popular right now, gin comes in some very fancy looking bottles, which makes them perfect for use as candle holders. There are a few different ways to try this; you can simply insert a candle into the bottleneck, or if you have a glass cutting tool, you can cut the bottle into a standard candle holder shape and add your own wax and wick.

Other cool ways to re-use gin bottles include making flower vases, garden lights or even a soap dispenser. They are sure to add a unique twist to your home or your outdoor living space.

Floating furniture

If you are a bit short of space or you fancy trying to build some furniture that looks a bit quirky, floating shelves or desks are ideal. Instead of taking up floor space with table legs or shelving units, you can just attach furniture to the wall. Of course, you will need to ensure that the wall is stable enough to hold the weight and have it safely secured. Floating shelves are easier to do than more elaborate pieces of furniture.

If you are not confident that your DIY skills stretch this far then this might be where you call on the services of a professional joiner. Keep in mind that whenever you hire a tradesperson you should always check they have general liability insurance for small business, in case something goes wrong. A general liability insurance will provide cover for any harm to people or property in the event that there is an accident while the tradesman carries out work, which means that you as the customer are protected against all incidents (which is also a benefit your DIY projects don’t have).

Turn your old books into new shelves

Still going along the lines of the floating furniture idea, you can actually use old books as shelves by fastening them to the wall with shelf brackets and placing small ornaments on top of them.

If you have a collection of interesting hardback books or nicely decorated books then this concept can look really good. If you are a book lover, this is a great way to incorporate your hobby and favorite books into your home, in an alternative way to just filling bookshelves.

Upcycle old furniture

Before you throw any old furniture away, think about whether you could bring it back to life with a bit of creativity. An old chair could be brightly repainted and given new cushions to give it a complete overhaul.

Another idea is to keep your old drawers from a chest of drawers to use as storage boxes for under your bed, making the most of the space you’re not using, provided you with somewhere you can store socks, for example.

Quick and funky pegged photo display

Using either clothesline pegs or buying some smaller pegs, attach your favorite photos to string in a clothesline style and hang the string along your wall. No messing around with photo frames and very quick and easy to do, just try to avoid placing above heaters/radiators as they will curl with the heat.

Enjoy trying out some of these fun ideas for giving your home a little revamp. Remember, thrift stores are a great place to visit to find old furniture – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!