Textures and Scent: The Home Decor You Shouldn’t Forget

Did you know that Disneyland uses patented items called Air Smellitizers to set your mood? It’s true. Disney understands your sense of smell and its importance. The same can be said about touch: You can set a mood with a single touch. How can these tips help you with your home? Find out in this guide to textures and scent: the home decor you shouldn’t forget.

Fuzzy Pillows and Blankets

Image via Flickr by Stacie Stacie Stacie

“It’s so fluffy!”

This memorable quote from “Despicable Me” encapsulates a little girl’s joy as she holds a stuffed animal for the first time. Indeed, people love that moment of satisfaction when they touch something softer than expected.

Given this knowledge, think about the items in your living room that you pick up most often. They’re pillows and blankets, right? Since you and your guests will handle them often, you can set a tone for the entire room. All you need are the fuzziest pillows and blankets that you can buy. Each time people touch them, they’ll feel happy: You’re defining a mood.

Natural Room Diffuser

You can manipulate the nostrils of your guests like Disney. All you need is to pick your favorite scent. Then, create a homemade diffuser.

Pick a spot in your home with strong airflow so that the scent will travel. Then, find an attractive jar, since the container will be visible. Place some bamboo scents in the jar along with some scentless carrier oil. Then, add your favorite scented oil to your DIY diffuser. Best of all, this product won’t have any of the noxious chemicals that can impact your indoor air quality found in most manufactured diffusers.

Leather Couches and Recliners

Sometimes, the most popular option is also the best one. Leather couches and recliners are ideal for stimulating touch. The smooth leather feel is great from the start, but the amazing part about leather is how soft it becomes with extended use.

Even better, leather smells great, too. The only downside to leather is that cats and other sharp-clawed pets can damage leather surfaces, so be sure you take steps to protect those furnishings.

Soft Rugs

When you buy a rug, you likely don’t put any thought into how it feels. You prioritize its appearance, but that’s a mistake. You will walk on your rug thousands of times. If you choose a hard substance, then you’ll feel discomfort each time you stand on it. Picking a rug based on its look only can lead to future aggravations.

Look for a rug material that will feel soft but also handle a large amount of foot traffic. Something like chenille is popular for infant play areas, but not for high-traffic areas. Similarly, silk would work only in a less-trafficked place. Pick a rug material that’s a natural fiber but also durable. Make an offbeat selection; choose sheepskin, which feels amazing on your feet.

You can see how easily you can improve your home through touch and smell. Follow the suggestions above to enrich your daily life and create a relaxing environment for your guests.