The Best Reasons to Select an Aluminum Ladder

Ladders continue to be some of the most important and popular tools for both home and business repairs and maintenance. They allow us to reach things and get to places where we could not otherwise. And they allow us to do it safely, as long as we use them correctly and follow common sense.

Ladders are long-term purchases so when we are shopping for one, we should always look for good quality ladders that will meet our requirements for years.

The most popular ladders today come in three different materials: aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Each of these has its own set of benefits, and depending on the job that you need done, one might be more right for you than the other. However, in terms of the ladder material that is most likely to fit your needs, an aluminum ladder is considered the best. Here are a few of the reasons why aluminum ladders are so highly rated.

Types of Ladders

Aluminum ladders come in all sizes, and some ladders can be transformed into nearly any shape. Perhaps the most common type of ladder is the step ladder. They are self-supporting ladders that make a triangle with their base and can be used nearly anywhere

They range anywhere from step stools to large step ladders that are used to change ceiling light bulbs or replace drapes. Some step ladders called twin step ladders can hold two people at once. A type of step ladder called a platform ladder which is a step ladder with a small platform area where you can stand, or place objects like paint cans, that are too large to fit on the step of a step ladder.

Extension ladders are taller ladders that cannot stand on their own. They must be leaned against something for support. This is typically a wall, a tree or a building. Extension ladders come in many lengths and can be extended longer.  These ladders have two parts with the main part called the base and movable section called the flying part. Extension ladders are usually made of aluminum because of the metal’s strength and low weight. There are variations on the extension ladders with some that fold and bend in all different types of shapes.

There are other types of ladders including fire escape ladders, attic ladders, platform ladders and telescoping ladders.  The majority of these are also made of aluminum.

Benefits of Aluminum Ladders


Aluminum ladders are less expensive than wood or fiberglass ladders. Wood is often only used to make smaller ladders. Fiberglass is used for ladders of all size, but the cost can get expensive, depending upon the size of ladder you need. When you consider their strength, durability, and the length of time that they last, aluminum ladders offer the best value-for-money of any type of ladder.


Aluminum ladders are the lightest type of ladder. This weight difference gets magnified the larger the ladder. Nearly all extension ladders are aluminum, unless the ladder needs to be extremely sturdy. In this instance the latter might be a combination of fiberglass and aluminum. If fiberglass is used, the ladder will gain considerable weight.


When ladders are used, they often need to be moved around quite a bit. Because aluminum ladders weigh the least, they are the easiest to move around. If the job only has one person, an aluminum ladder is definitely the best choice.

Fiberglass and aluminum ladders can be made to any height. But as mentioned, the overall weight increases with the height. Hence, it is easier to manage aluminum ladders than their fiberglass counterparts.

Aluminum ladders are very safe if used properly, and if not misused and stored properly, they can last as long as fiberglass ladders. When you purchase a good quality aluminum ladder, it should last you more than a decade.