The best way to keep your house pest-free this winter

Even if you think mice are sweet the last thing you want to see is one sticking its head out of the bread bin or sat in with the cheese.

Mice do look sweet, but they can bite and they create waste constantly, that’s why you can trace the path of a mouse by looking at feces. Unfortunately, their urine and feces do carry a number of viruses that can leave you ill.

That’s a good enough reason to make sure the mice and other pests stay out of your home this winter.

If you’re not sure whether you have a mouse problem; or indeed any type of pest, it’s a good idea to call your local pest control expert. They can help you eliminate an issue and prevent it from reoccurring.

Mouse & Other Pest Traps

This may not seem like a preventative measure but it is an important addition to your home. Place the traps away from pests and children and simply leave them.

You’ll need to check them regularly, if they’ve worked you’ll have a pest and you’ll know what you’re dealing with, as well as knowing that you do have an issue.

This can help you and your pest control company stay on top of the issue.

Keep It Clean

One of the biggest attractions in any home s food crumbs. They may seem tiny to us but to many pests they’re a full meal. Make sure you wipe all your countertops down after you’ve prepared food. Ideally, you should use a disinfectant spray.

You also need to vacuum and even mop the hard floors, ensuring no crumbs are left for the pests to enjoy.


Alongside storing open food packets in containers, you should also consider removing any water sources. Standing water is very attractive to a wide number of pests, mosquitoes will even lay their eggs in it.

Get rid of standing water, check for any leaks in your house, and even make sure the gutters are draining properly. This will help to ensure pests don’t feel too comfortable in your home.

Seal It Up

One of the best ways of keeping pests out during the winter is to not provide them with an entry point.

Walk slowly around the outside of your home looking for cracks and small holes. Even the smallest of gaps can provide an access point for an insect, seal the gaps up before the pests get a chance!

Don’t forget to pay particular attention to doors and windows, this is the most common place to find gaps.

Use Essential Oils

Mosquitoes and flies are not generally keen on citronella, lavender, or even lemon plants. You can have these plants n your garden to keep the pests away and you can burn essential oils in your home to persuade these pests that this is not the best place for them to live.

This can also work with spiders who are not keen on strong smells.