The Most Effective Way to Remove Stray Animals From Your Home Without Causing Them Harm

Let’s face it. Animals are cute — yes, even the ones that are generally considered nuisances. From Stuart Little to memes that call raccoons “trash pandas,” not to mention the overwhelming growth of the popularity of opossums, there is something everywhere to remind us that animals are more than just pests. If you have an unwanted wild animal in your home but don’t want to harm it, consider these options.

Let Them Leave on Their Own

Depending on what type of animal is in your home, where it is and how long it’s been there, you may be able to let it leave on its own. Keep pets and children away from the area where the animal is but turn on the lights in the room and keep windows and any doors that exit to the outside open. With any luck, the animal will find it’s way back out of your home. As soon as it leaves, assess the risk of disease and do what is necessary to repair the area where the animal entered in the first place.

Use Humane Traps

Whether you purchase them at the store or make them yourself, humane traps will allow you to catch the animals that are in your attic, basement or another part of your home without hurting them. Set the trap by using foods that will attract the animals. Once you catch them, you can either release them back into the wild or call animal control. If you do release them, do so as far from your property as possible to prevent them finding their way back inside.

Contact a Professional

Unfortunately, no matter how cute mice, raccoons and even opossums are, they are also known to carry disease. Sometimes, the risk isn’t worth it to take care of the problem on your own, even if it were to mean saving money. This is when it is important to call a professional. Animal control may be able to remove raccoons and other larger animals, but it isn’t likely to deal with rats or mice. In this case, Houston pest control companies are a better option. However, keep in mind that not all companies remove rodents without harming them. You’ll need to search Houston pest control companies to find ones that offer live removal of animals in your home.

As you search for “animal removal near me,” remember to research thoroughly. Not all pest control companies are created equally. Look for companies that offer live removal and check that the one you use is licensed and insured.