Tips on How to Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean

A home is usually the place most people feel safe. It is where fond memories are made that involve growing up and eventually building a family of your own. For many homeowners, maintaining a fresh and clean home is a thing of pride. Most children grow up seeing their parents, particularly mothers, seemingly obsessed with tidying up the house. Only when they become homeowners or rent an apartment, do they realise the work that goes into it, the joy of coming home to a clean space, and truly appreciate the health benefits for keeping their family safe and healthy. If you are a new homeowner, here are some tips on how to maintain a fresh and clean household.

1. Make sure everyone is on board

It is easier to maintain a clean home if you live alone. However, if you have a family, you should make sure everyone is on board with the goal. Assign cleaning quarters and chores to hold everyone accountable. Reinforce the idea of cleaning up after yourself.

2. Tidy up

When it comes to maintaining a clean home, it’s usually the little things that get you. A few unfolded clothes here and there, a pair of shoes kicked off at the entrance, a pair of socks tossed out of place after a long day, a few dishes left in the kitchen sink. This mess, if not taken care of immediately, will lead to more mess. You will find that other rooms in your home will be untidy as well. And before you know it, you have roaches, rodents, and dirty floors spreading from one room to another. To avoid this situation, tidy up immediately. Encourage everyone to wash their dishes immediately after eating and do the cleaning chores without procrastination.

3. Vacuum regularly

If you live alone, you may afford to vacuum once a week during weekends. But if you receive a lot of guests or have a family, you should aim to vacuum daily. Use quality vacuum cleaners such as Dyson vacuums that can withstand daily usage. Dyson vacuums come with a HEPA filter that purifies the air. This is particularly useful for preventing common allergens and dust. Health professionals recommend replacing your filter every year to maintain quality air at home. Spares2you, a reputable online retail store for spares, stocks quality Dyson HEPA filters you can rely on that can be delivered to your home within two days.

4. Ventilate & let some light in

Draw up your curtains and open up your windows daily to let in some air and sunshine into your home. Cross ventilation is the most natural way to purify the air. You may use air fresheners or an incense occasional if you want to give your home a unique scent.

Maintaining a fresh and clean home is not only aesthetically beautiful but also necessary for ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Tidy up as much as possible, vacuum the floors and have professionals like carpet cleaning riverton clean and refresh your carpets as this a lot of bad odors build up