Top Neighborhoods in Quebec City for First-time Homebuyers

Gégep Limoilou
Gégep Limoilou

Are you planning to relocate to Quebec City? You’ll have plenty of options if you are looking for affordable real estate for sale in Quebec City. The following are some of the neighborhoods you should check out:

1.  Nouveau Saint-Roch

This is one of the top choices for first-time home-buyers in Quebec. Not only is the neighborhood relatively affordable, its population is also dominated by young and vibrant citizens.

Nouveau Saint-Roch used to be a working class neighborhood. Today, it is inhabited by IT workers, students, artisans, and merchants. Its old factories and plants have been refurbished as well, giving it a more contemporary vibe.

The area is also dotted with lots of restaurants bars, and boutiques. There are also stores selling various commodities, from clothing to fur, kitchenware, and everyday products.

2.  Limoilou

Another good choice for first time homebuyers in Quebec is Limoilou. Around 20 per cent of the population of the city lives in this area. It is easy to understand why this neighborhood is a popular choice for home buyers.

Limoilou has the oldest architecture in the entire city. This gives it a very rustic vibe.

There’s also Le Domaine  de Maizerets, a large park where visitors can hike or walk in the summer.  In the winter, people who ice skate frequent the park. There are also trails for skiing and snowshoeing.

Because of the high population in the area, home values widely vary in Limoilou.

3.  Beauport

If you’re moving to Quebec City with the plan of raising a family there, you should consider checking out Beauport. It is not only rich in history but also kid-friendly. It also has one of the youngest populations in the city.

The population also continues to grow, as it has been since the late ‘80s. Your kids will also love that the suburb is arts-centered, with several multicultural events for children held every summer.

4.  Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge

If you wish to live in a neighborhood with young residents, then you should look for houses in this area. This is also a good choice if you’re looking to take further education, as there are lots of excellent schools in this area.

Among these is the Universite Laval, which is known for being the first French-speaking university in the continent.

It is also family friendly with several parks and historic buildings in the area.

5.  Upper Town

Another neighborhood that you should take a look at if you are looking for affordable homes is Upper Town.  While Quebec is known to be very friendly with the LGBT community, there’s no denying that Upper Town is the gay district of the city. There  is even a three-day gay pride festival that happens every September.

It also has its share of churches, theaters, and monuments that can whet your appetite if you are interested in arts and history.

Now that you have an idea on the top neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers in Quebec, you can start shopping for homes in these communities.