Vinyl flooring: for quick and easy home renovations

Tough lockdown may appear to be over, a large percentage of us are still working from home. You may have already started to make ‘the list’ of things you’ve noticed around your home that you either want to rejuvenate, repair or replace.

If one of the items on your list happens to be your flooring then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a flooring on the market which will help you spend less and enjoy being at home more. Here are a few ways that vinyl flooring makes being at home pleasurable.

Almost-instant installation

First things first, your new vinyl flooring needs to be installed. If you’re all about DIY the purchasing vinyl flooring is definitely the right move. With a glue down or click method of installation, you’re going to save time and money on hiring a professional and waiting days or even weeks for your fabulous new flooring to make it’s first proper appearance in your home.

No-mess maintenance

Resurrecting damage from scratches or dents can be a hassle and not the type of repair that comes cheap.

Vinyl has an exceptional level of durability against laminate and real wood or stone floorings. This is because of the many layers that are built up during the manufacturing process which make vinyl robust and virtually immune to damage.

In the extraordinary event that damage does occur, then the harmed plank or tile can be replaced individually. No need for to fork out on the expenditure of a whole new flooring. Simple cut the old tile out and click or glue down the new tile depending on your preferred installation method. Your flooring will be back to normal in a matter of minutes.

Clever cleaning

Let’s make that never-ending shopping list simpler, eh? Here’s what you’re going to need to clean your vinyl flooring….

A soft brush – for debris and dirt

Floor wipes – for the occasional small accident

Mop and bucket – for a BIG clean

Soap solution – low on chemicals so you don’t damage your vinyl, to be mixed with warm water

It’s never been easy to reduce the list of chores we have to complete on a weekly basis to make our homes feel state of the art.

Help when you need it

If you’re still struggling to see why you should invest in vinyl flooring tiles or planks, you should speak to the experts who will guide you further into the wonderful world of vinyl flooring.

Amtico take pride in offering sophisticated flooring styles such as Sienna Oak and Dry Cedar. Luvanto uses their ranges to offer luxury to every space, with border options included in every design. Invictus reinvents the meaning of luxury with indistinguishable replicas of natural materials.

Find the vinyl flooring that’s right for you, there’s so much to choose from.