What is Weaving?

If you’re interested in starting a new crafting hobby – and lots of people are, given the current change in all our lives – it’s well worth taking the time to do some research, and make sure your chosen hobby is right for you, before you commit to it wholesale. Even sewing and embroidery are very different hobbies despite using a lot of the same skills, tools and materials, and they produce very different results, and feel very different to practice. If you’re looking for a hobby where you can enjoy mastering a new skill, produce finished items you’re proud enough of to display around the house or give as gifts, you need to learn more before you can choose!

Today, we’re taking a look at weaving: what is it, how does it work and will you enjoy it?

What is Weaving?

Weaving is the craft of interlacing two seperate pieces of yarn to create materials on decorations.

One skein of yarn is stretched and fixed in place on the loom before you begin as a number of individual vertical strands. This is the warp. The weft is the other skein of yarn (often made from a different material) which is interlaced between the strands of the warp using your hands, needles or a mechanical device, depending on the technique you’re using.

What is a Loom?

While you can do some simple weaving freehand, for anything more structured, you’ll need a loom. A loom is essentially a frame that allows you to secure your warp in place so the threads are uniformly distant and taught. If your warp isn’t regular, your finished product will look uneven and you won’t be able to create the patterns you want to.

You can make a simple loom from an old picture frame or some scrap wood and some nails or tacks, and the textile industry uses vast automated looms to create cotton fabrics to make into clothes, but you’ll do most of your crafting on a small hand-loom you can buy in craft stores.

What Can You Make?

Place settings and scarves are easy projects to begin with when you’re weaving: they’re simple in shape, allowing you to experiment with colours and materials to create a unique finished product. As you get more experienced, you might consider making rugs, wall hangings, hats and even baskets!

If you’re interested in weaving, it might be worth looking into ordering a weaving subscription box. These craft subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular, and they give you everything you need to complete a simple project, so you can test the waters before you commit!