Why You Should Seize the Opportunity To Visit An Open House


An open house is actually quite a fun tradition. If you have never been to an open house before, that’s nothing to worry about. It is just a designated day when prospective buyers can all come to view a property that is for sale or for rent without having to make an appointment with an agent. An agent will usually be present at an open house, though, to show you round. So, if there is an open house in your area, why not seize the opportunity? Below are a few tips about questions that you can ask the landowner and/ or the seller when you visit an open house.

Recent Renovations?

Finding out how recently a property has been renovated is a good idea. If it has clearly never been updated since the heyday of flower power wallpaper in the 70s, then you may well have your work cut out for you (unless you like that kind of thing). But, if the unit has just been renovated, that can be a big plus.

Ask for Dimensions!

Agents can be very good about advising on color schemes, rearranging furniture and letting light in to make a room appear extra spacious. It is very easy to become wowed by these little tricks and to think that you have landed yourself the most spacious master bedroom in history, only to find out that in actual fact, not all of your basic furniture fits in. So, make sure to ask for precise dimensions of each room when you participate in an open house. At many open house events, you will find people making their own measurements.

The Bathroom is More Than Just a Pretty PlaceFresh and stylish decor in the bathroom is very nice, of course, but it is important to be extra diligent when you look in this room. Flush the toilets, turn on all the taps and try out the shower to check if they work. Listen for any knocking sounds in the pipes when they are in use and do not be afraid to ask about this either. Do the taps drip? Do the sinks and the bath take a long time to drain? The same principle applies to the kitchen. Remember that poor or faulty plumbing can be a real headache for new homeowners.

Look Up!

Many visitors at open houses are so intent on looking at the interiors of a home that they forget to look at the roof. However, the roof is one of the most important things to check during an open house. Ask how old the roof is and if there have been any problems with it: if it is very old, then it may pose you problems not too far down the line.

If the open house still can’t convince you to buy or rent a property, then consider checking out online marketplaces and find out what else is offered in real estate. Philippines and other Asian countries are already dominated by online property markets, such as Zipmatch. Zipmatch features attractive condominium for rent or for sale. Whether you are looking for a brand-new unit, a foreclosed property or a commercial lot, online marketplaces filter the properties for easy browsing.