5 Types Of People Who Choose Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Distance learning is a method of studying whereby you do not need to attend a school or university for classes. This method of learning requires more discipline than attending a learning institution as the onus falls squarely on you to teach yourself using the study materials that you have been provided with.

Distance learning helps many people to achieve college degrees or new qualifications who simply don’t have the time to attend a college or school full-time. This method of studying helps a wide variety of people to learn and here are 5 types of people for whom distance learning is perfect.

Over 50’s

It is more than likely that many people over the age of 50 went straight from school into the world of work and never got that college education that is so customary today. Having worked all their lives or raised a family there is little opportunity to return to education. Once over the age of 50 however, most have fully grown children and are nearing the end of their working life, the perfect time to return to learning. Over 50’s rarely seek the qualification as it is more about learning a new skill or simply broadening their mind.



If you are in the military then you will know that you have a great deal of time on your hands in between your daily tasks. Distance learning is a fantastic way for you to fill the time and gain some new skills or qualifications whilst you’re at it. Naturally you will have to plan when you will receive your set books if you are stationed abroad and to ensure that you have the means to send and receive work. Serving your country and improving your education at the same time, perfect.

Full-Time Workers

If you work more than 35 hours per week then the opportunity of attending a learning institute full time simply isn’t there for you. Very often college courses are spread over 5 days so even if you only work 3 days per week you will still not have sufficient time to make this type of commitment. This is where distance learning can work perfectly for you, you can study in your own time, as and when you want. Whilst there are often essays or pieces of work with deadlines, you will know this well in advance and can plan your time accordingly around your job.

The Frustrated


Many people chose distance learning as a way to improve their job chances if they are not happy in their current role. Even those who have a college education often feel frustrated in their chosen career and wish to change it. Quitting the job and studying is something that few can afford so the best way is to study whilst you are working is using distance learning.

Those On-Call

There are a lot of workers whose job requires them to be on-call for long periods of time, firemen, paramedics and doctors to name a few. In-between jobs there can be large periods of time that you need to fill and a great way to do it whilst educating yourself at the same time is with distance learning. Simply take your course materials to work with you and when you have some downtime, get your study on!