Does Your College Major Matter in the “Real World”?

To say that freshmen often stress about their choice of major is an understatement. Indeed, many college students have spent sleepless nights trying to decide what major they should choose, and, by extension, what career path they should pursue. What’s worse is that they have to make these tough decisions at the age of eighteen. Understandably, college students can feel a good degree of pressure because of this. However, there’s growing evidence to suggest that your choice of major in college doesn’t really matter all that much –– if at all. According to research, just over a quarter of college graduates are currently working in a field related to their degree. So does your field of study have any impact on your ultimate success or failure in life?

Why Choosing the Right Major is Important

Given recent data, it doesn’t make much sense for college students to pursue a field of study with the vague notion that it will help them get a job in the future. Modern employers are much more concerned with whether you have a bachelor’s degree or not –– not what your field of study is. Therefore, students would be wise to select a major that they feel they’ll actively enjoy. It doesn’t make any sense to sign on for a business degree if you find the coursework boring beyond all belief. Your major should reflect your passions and your interests, and it should allow you to connect with like-minded individuals. It shouldn’t serve as a bellwether for the rest of your life’s ambitions.

Furthermore, there are certain majors that impart specific knowledge. So, if your dream is to one day work in a laboratory to cure cancer, it’s only natural for you to take classes that teach you how to use equipment like 1536 well plates. In the main, though, the emphasis on your bachelor’s degree is unlikely to prevent you from pursuing career opportunities later on.

Why Choosing a Major Doesn’t Matter that Much

As alluded to above, the true value of a college education goes far beyond any information gleaned from a textbook. Any person can go online to educate themselves about modern marketing techniques or the renaissance, after all. Students who get the most out of college soak up the experience, develop as individuals, and learn how to learn.

Again, the ultimate aim of attending college shouldn’t be to gain employment at a particular company or within a given field. It should be to expand your horizons and improve your skill set. Keep these things in mind if you’re sweating over the choice of a major.