Dr. Victoria J Mondloch – Inspiration Behind My Career

When I was studying medicine here in Waukesha, Wisconsin we once completed a project on a branch of medicine and someone within that who inspired us in our work. My choice was Dr. Victoria J. Mondloch, a local doctor here in Waukesha, Wisconsin who has done some absolutely amazing work during her career. A specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Victoria J. Mondloch has done some incredible work for female medicine and this is why I picked her, given that I too wanted to go into women’s health. I want to talk a little today about why Victoria Mondloch is such an inspiration behind my medical career.


Doctor Victoria Mondloch always wanted t make real change in Waukesha, the state of Wisconsin and to be honest, nationwide in terms of improving women’s health. In order to do this she was all too aware of the fact that she would need to get herself to a senior position within the hospital in order to play a key role in bringing about the change that she wanted to see. After working incredibly hard and making the right friends in her early years, she was appointed to the hospital board and the age of just 34. She has since used hat power to do exactly what she set out to do.

Above and Beyond

Something else which inspired me greatly about Victoria was her the fact that she would stop at nothing to achieve what she wanted and evidence of this can be seen in the additional effort that she put in beyond her day job. Doctor Mondloch would often give speeches in schools and hospitals and she also does great work in the community in terms of educating women on the health risks that they face. This is something which I have tried to do in my career as well, which was of course inspired by the efforts that Victoria put in throughout her career.


Beyond the school speeches and work which she has done in the university, Dr. Mondloch has also been a regular contributor to the Medical Journal which is a nationwide publication. Furthermore she also takes on a leadership position in the hospital, working with younger medical professionals and doctors to help them to be the best that they can be, something that I too would like to do in the future.

Work Ethic

The most inspiring aspect of what Victoria Mondloch has done in her career is the level of work which she has put into her passion. In truth I have no idea where she finds the time to work so much and it is something which I use as a motivational tool. If I could even achieve half of what Victoria Mondloch has achieved in her career I will be a very happy person indeed, and I will consider my career in medicine to have been nothing short of a success.