Evan Dombroski – Why Nature is The Most Challenging Photography Genre

When you get stared in photography there are so many kinds of photos that you can choose to take. Many in the industry like nature photographer Evan Dombroski, often speak about why it is so important that you pick one particular genre to start with, and perfect that before moving on. This could be urban landscapes or portraits, depending on what it is that you are passionate about. many like the idea of getting into nature photography like Evan. Nature photography is certainly one of the most rewarding genres to choose, but beware that it is also one of the most challenging, and here is exactly why.

Capturing Detail

Capturing the main focal point of an image as well as all of the little smatterings of detail is absolutely essential when you are looking to create an amazing nature shot. This however is not easy and that is one of the things that makes this genre so tough. Even if you are taking a relatively simple shot of an animal in the field, getting those blades of grass in the right way, or getting the detailed wiring of a fencepost, can both be challenging. There is more detail in nature than in any other kind of photography which is one of the biggest challenges.

Capturing Surprises

The main reason why so many people love to take images in nature is that they love the surprises that come their way during a shoot. This could be a fishing bird, swooping down on its prey, a swan and its signets crossing the road or any other quirk of nature which occurs. The challenge for the photographer is to be able to think quick and snap that shot before it is too late.

Capturing What The Eye Can See

Colors are tough as it is, no matter if you are taking photos of people or cityscapes, in nature however, there are just so many more tones which we have to try and find the right settings for. If you look at a field for example, you are not just met with greens, browns and yellows. Within this there are hundreds of tones and shades of those colors, and picking them up in a photograph is far from easy. Even those who are experienced in this field understand just how hard this is, and they will often be playing around with different settings on their cameras to get that perfect shot.


Taking nature photographs require a strong commitment to getting the perfect shot and many will spend a day, or days in the pursuit of capturing something truly special. You could argue that many genres of photography require commitment but the reality is that this is the one which really asks the most from the photographer and that is why they have to commit time and effort to making sure that they get the shot which they are looking for.

This is a very rewarding genre of photography, but it is also one of the toughest.