Leap Into The New Year With A New Career


Are you looking to change career in the new year but you aren’t sure which industry to get into? Maybe you’re hoping to go back to school to retrain in something and you’re looking for the perfect role for you. There are so many options for those looking to move into new careers, including your current employer offering on the job training options to move into new areas of the business. So what are some options for great new careers that you can explore? Here are our top three picks:

Moving Into Law

Have you considered a move into the world of law? You can find a new legal job in a number of ways and if you aren’t interested in a full fledged lawyer position there are also a number of jobs working as receptionists or paralegals as well as options for moving into a fully qualified legal position. Working in law is a highly rewarding career providing you the opportunity to help people in a wide variety of ways. From working in family law helping couples deal with divorce and custody issues to working in property law doing paperwork for buyers and sellers of various types of property or even criminal law acting as the prosecution or criminal defence attorney, there are numerous ways to get involved in law.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistance is a quickly growing career opportunity in a number of ways. From generally helping the teacher teach classes or do notes on blackboards and the like to working one on one with special needs students there are a wide variety of ways you can get involved in teaching. Many teaching assistant jobs don’t require a huge amount of training or education and many people can get into it by starting to volunteer at their local schools in various roles. In many cases background checks as well as health and safety and first aid courses are required for these roles, so those are good places to start.


Technicians of all types are vastly sought after. From veterinary, medical or laboratory technicians, there are a number of roles around to get into. Vet techs tend to help the veterinary doctors out by performing various tasks in and around the clinic directly related to the care of patients. Medical techs can vary in their roles depending on the clinic they work in while laboratory technicians can typically do things like taking blood from patients for tests as well as doing the physical testing itself alongside compiling reports and sending them off to the doctors offices. In all, technician jobs require only moderate levels of schooling much of which can be done through night classes, weekend classes or part time schooling at local community colleges.

So if you’re looking to get into a great new role this coming new year, consider one of the great roles suggested above. With so many opportunities around for potential new jobs, it’s no wonder that people are looking to retrain and make a career move all the time. So explore your options and take your time. Good luck!