How to Make a Blog That Readers Will Fall in Love With


There are blogs, and there are lovable blogs. Poor blogs don’t even earn enough to pay their web hosting and domain fees. Top, lovable blogs earn millions.

When your audience falls in love with your blog, they’ll consider you an influencer. They’ll read your posts, leave comments, subscribe to your mailing lists, share your content and buy your products. They’ll easily follow your recommendations and even become repeat buyers. After all, when they deeply fall in love with your blog, what can they not do for you?

However, your potential readers are already ardent followers of many blogs out there. Just how do you make a blog that will mesmerize your readers?

Have a proper strategy

Love is a two-way thing, right? If you want your audience to fall head over heels in love with your content, you need to give them value first. Never set up a blog without a strategy.

Your strategy should include these three things:

  1. Meet a need
  2. Be unique and relevant
  3. Make profit

Profit should definitely be on your mind, but first, you need to meet a need. People will feel like you’re providing deep value if you consistently meet their difficult needs. They’ll feel like you really care about them. They will want to reciprocate that love.

If you remain unique and relevant, they’ll constantly yearn to read your content since they’ll always learn something new and useful. It will not be so hard for them to buy your products and follow your recommendations. The fact that you’re adding value is the main reason why people buy.

Create the blog

Creating a blog is such a breeze. In fact, it’s one of the easiest things to do in your blogging career, and you can do it in just a few minutes. Nowadays, you don’t really need to get someone to do it for you. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Register your domain name: Use a credible domain registrar to do this. Make sure the name is catchy, unique and relevant.
  • Host your website: Use a trusted web hosting service. Simply read the latest reviews and decide on a host that suits your needs.
  • Install WordPress: Find out how to do this from your web host’s knowledgebase. This just takes a few clicks, and you’re done.
  • Install relevant plugins: What are the latest, best plugins for your site? Research and use the most recent information. Following the latest trends will set you apart from lazy bloggers who don’t know what’s working today.
  • Install a beautiful theme: If you want to get noticed and loved, you have to look the part, right? Once again, get something that works today. Make sure your theme is responsive since most people nowadays access the internet through mobile devices.

Your site should appear neat and well organized.

Write useful copy

As stated above, your audience will love you if they feel like you genuinely care and want the best for them. That’s why most blogs that screamed “Buy! Buy! Buy!” failed miserably or had to change tactics. Your entire content strategy should lean towards solving problems. Make sure your content is unique, relevant and useful to the reader.

Nurture your leads

Have you ever wondered why your favorite blogs have all these sign-up forms? In just one site you may find a sidebar form, a page takeover form, an exit popup form, a form at the end of every post and even specific landing pages with even more sign up forms?

The reason is simple. The bloggers slowly nurture their leads. They then sell to those who’ve warmed up to their content. With marketing automation, bloggers are now able to score and qualify leads.

Lead nurturing is similar to courtship. You don’t just tell a lady you’ve just met to marry you. You take them out on a couple of dates, get to know each other, deepen your friendship then eventually you propose.

In the same way, nowadays you don’t just tell people to buy. You first nurture them, give them useful information and offer to sell to those who are totally warmed up to you. The good thing is that you can do all this passively through web forms, email marketing, and marketing automation tools.

Monetize appropriately

The best form of marketing does not really feel like marketing. In fact, most top marketers appear as ordinary people who really want to help. They even give their horror stories on how they started from the bottom to where they are. They assure you that you can do it too. And somehow they have just the right products to help you get there.

This is not a coincidence. They are always getting feedback on what their customers need through comments, forms, emails, reviews and general feedback. They then constantly come up with products that meet the deepest needs.

As a content marketer, that’s what you should constantly be doing. Give lots of free information and carefully listen to the feedback. Once you’re able to figure out your audience’s deepest needs, come up with a product that solves it.

Using these tips will not only get you started as a blogger, but you’ll also have a fantastic blog that people will deeply fall in love with. You’ll give them high-grade value, and they’ll, in turn, give you consistent profits.