Research paper writing. How to write it?

Research paper structure

Generally, research paper has certain components that should be the integral part of the work. These are:

  • Title page – the first page containing the subject of research work, as well as the researcher`s personal data and date of writing;
  • Content – is placed on the second page, includes the list of headings for all the chapters with the page numbers indication;
  • Introduction – here you can point out the reasons why you have started to write your research paper;
  • Main part – reveals the essence of research work;
  • Conclusions – imply the interpretation of results received during the research and the brief review of the whole work;
  • Reference list – means the listing of referenced literature and other information sources.

Research paper writing steps

There is an explicit algorithm for research paper writing. If you know what steps from the idea to research writing to be made, this could be of much research paper help for you.

The first step is to define the research subject. This might be setting the problem, technology of solution, description the model of definite process or visualization for application of technical solutions, etc. Nobody is interested in reading or investigating the problem that is not reflected or applied in modern life. Therefore, the research topic has to be actual, new and interesting for you, first.  Choose your topic by answering the questions for yourself: Is the subject unique? Is my opinion and point of view new in the scientific world?

Analyze the exciting literature on your topic. On this stage, it is essential to select the available results of similar or same researches and take out the redundant information. Use special academic database. It enables you to ask for very specific information you need. Be creative. Ty to find awesome books that perfectly fit to your topic.

Look online. Check websites and online forums on your subject, but do not forget that information there is not always realistic. Compare it with different search result.

Generalize the collected materials and make a plan of your own research paper. The well-built and clear plan is the key to the successful work. It will assist you in building the common logic of research, finding the arguments and evidences for your idea and will bind all the research parts together.

Research paper writing tips

It would be good to determine the scope of research paper, i.e. to fix the minimum and maximum number of pages to be written. When you feel that you are beyond the stated scope, it is better to narrow the subject and reveal the rest in another research work.

While writing the research paper, keep in mind that your work will be read not only by scientists involved in the subject, but by usual people as well. Use simple words and sentences, apply exact wording. The same relates to Spider Essay writing. Otherwise, the reader will be lost in too long and complicated text and give up investigation, even if the topic is close to him.

Dividing the text into paragraphs is important for its good perception. The paragraph has to contain just one finished thought or a story. Using this principle will assist you in formulating the idea and simplify the reading of your research paper.

Remember that research paper does not imply the pure statement of well-known facts. Thus, add your own ideas, thoughts, results and conclusions to your work, and compare with already existing ones to reveal and explain the probable contradictions.