What Are The Benefits of Tutoring?

For many years I struggled with a couple of subjects at university and although tutoring was mentioned to me on a number of occasions, I felt slightly embarrassed about having to get help. As the exams were approaching I recognized that I needed to do something and so I decided that for at least 2 of the subjects I would have a weekly tutoring session to help me out. I have to say that this was the single best decision I had made in my education and thanks to the support which I received, I was able to get through uni and onto a great entry level position.

There is no shame in asking for help and here are just some of the benefits which you too will be able to count on when you get yourself a tutor.

One on One Support

The single best part of having a tutor is that you are the only student and the time is all about you. This of course is something which you don’t get in school or college, despite the fact that you may need it. When you are in the class room setup and there is something which you don’t understand that you feel everyone else does, it can be embarrassing to ask for help. When you have a tutor however, this is your perfect time to ask the question.


Tutors do not follow a syllabus, they do not have government guidelines to follow because they are there to help you. This means that they will support you on the specific areas where you are struggling. For example, if you have found that you have great difficulty with algebra, but in the main math is pretty easy for you, then you can tailor those tutoring sessions so that they are focused entirely on the area where you need the most support, in this case, algebra.


I cannot speak for everyone of course but something which I found was that I really invested in improving myself because of the fact that I felt responsibility to the tutor. There was one week where I hadn’t really studied as hard as I would have liked, and I felt genuinely embarrassed when I had to see my tutor again, and I didn’t do that again as a result of the embarrassment. I just get the feeling that when you are paying money for this, the last thing you want to do is fail and let someone down.


When it comes to tutoring you can find one which will come to your house, you can find one who will take you through the session online and some who will meet you in a public space. There is so much flexibility around location and hours with a tutor and that is something that I particularly enjoyed as I had such a busy schedule.

If you are struggling with a topic then go ahead and get yourself a tutor.