What Skills Do You Need to Become a Doctor?


Being a successful doctor like Joseph Yazdi is one of the most respectable positions which anyone can hold, they have the power to heal the dying, to treat the sick and to improve people’s lives. Having the abilities to be able to become a successful doctor, in any of the branches of medicine, is not something that just anyone possesses and it takes a special kind of person to be able to rise to the challenge of becoming a doctor. If you have dreams of one day holding the position of being a doctor then here are the skills which you are going to need to possess.

Hard Working

Without hard work, being a doctor is impossible and from the moment that you begin school you will need to be wholly committed to becoming a doctor. Aside from the formative years of education, doctors must achieve excellent grades in college before going on to medical school. Medical school is incredibly arduous and in order to pass you will need to be prepared to dedicate every free hour that you have to mastering your craft. The work doesn’t stop after med school as once you pass the exams you will need to work under trial conditions and prove your abilities before you can finally get your medical license.


You must have strong abilities in all of the sciences in order to become a doctor and whilst you can of course work on weaknesses which you may have in the sciences, a natural ability will give you the best chances of success.

Cool Under Pressure

Doctors know that the decisions which they make could affect the chances of someone living or dying and they have the ability to strip away all of the emotion from what they do and treat the human body as though it was a machine with parts. This is how doctors cope with pressurized situations and if you are going to become a doctor one day then you too will need to have this level of coolness when under pressure.

Great Memory

Doctors must understand all functions of the human body including symptoms and signs of problems. It is for this reason that you will need to have a near photographic memory in order to best treat your patients.

Personal Skills

When you are charged with a patient’s care, you will need to be able to inform them, relax them and help them to feel safe under your care. For this you will need to have excellent personal skills when dealing with a wide range of people as you never know what kind of person will need your treatment. Aside from the patient’s wellbeing which is of course paramount, many hospitals are placing a high level of focus on the way in which medical professionals care for the patients as well as how they treat them, in order to be successful you will need to be a great people person.