Why writing down your thoughts is beneficial?

Your thoughts are your own. Some of it can arouse excitement in you, while some others can make you utterly happy for no reason. Some ideas can even sadden you and some others, which does not bring about any particular emotion. Thoughts keep hitting humankind now and then, and one swims in this ocean of ideas. Some theories claim that reality is the reflection of one’s dreams. This is why people are advised to think positively so that this positivity embraces you to lead a happy and positive life.

Significance of writing down your thoughts

Penning down your thoughts is not something that many people fancy. While some consider it a sheer waste of time, others find it a tedious task. But many love writing their thoughts. Some of them keep it to themselves while a few others love to share it with their loved ones and share the enjoyment. However, there are several benefits that one gets while writing down their thoughts. Eleven of them are listed and detailed in the following excerpts.

  1. Your mind gets clarified and gets ready to make decisions.

Often you get buried with a lot of thoughts before making an action. You are likely to feel confused, which makes you unable to make a firm decision. Ideas seem to run all along your mind, and everything seems to contradict the other. The consequence is that much of your time is lost without yielding any productive result. Here is where penning down your feelings and thoughts can help. It can reorganize and center your dreams, which thus clarifies your mind. Therefore, you have a clear understanding of the gains and losses that the decision shall cost you.

  1. Your underlying emotions are clarified

Human beings are indeed complicated and what runs through their mind are more complex. Writing your feelings down can help you simplify it as you will feel like a quantum of the burden on your shoulders has been removed.

  1. The graph of your development can be analyzed

The direction of progress in your thinking can be analyzed by carefully penning it down. You might be able to get an idea of how far you have developed in your thoughts as a human. If you are someone who is trying to improve, then each stage of your progress can be thus noted and inferred from these writings.

  1. Enjoy a feeling of fulfillment

When you write down your thoughts, you are putting down who you are. Going through these scribbling can give you a sense of who you are. That is, you are destined to get a self-awareness. Thus, you get insights on who you are deep inside you. You can take intentional efforts to march to the positive side and feel in the sense of fulfillment.

  1. Triggers in action making

By carefully writing down your emotions, there are high chances these thoughts can be realized. The reason for this is that you get to know how deeply you want to get it done. It reminds your mind to execute the thought, which finally leads to taking the corresponding action.

  1. Accelerates thinking at higher levels

This act can indeed make your thoughts to a higher level. The reason is that your mind expands and starts to see the unseen. You grow in your thoughts and writings.

  1. Deep-rooted emotions can be processed

People often bear emotions and feelings that are carefully hidden deep inside them. It may not be apparent to even their loved ones, at times. Writing down your thoughts allows expressing it and thereby relieving the burden of holding it yourself.

  1. You tell your story

It is your tale that you convey by writing this. You can mark the history and see how you have evolved through years at a later stage.

  1. A feeling of accomplishment

It is underlined with experience that many a time, writing down the thoughts can instill in you a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Though you have only penned down what is inside your mind, you are likely to feel like you have won a game of life.

  1. Widen your thoughts further and helps you dream big

Writing ideas down for an extended period can help to broaden your mind and to expand your ideas. You are no longer the narrow-minded person as there are high chances that you get to evaluate yourself and grows as a person.

  1. Encourages you to maintain a routine

Another significant advantage of this act is that you will be able to dig into a routine. Though many succeed in acting, they do struggle to make it a habit. This act can, in a way, help you to develop it as a routine.


You might be now aware of the importance of writing down your feelings and thoughts and preserving it. You can even share it as blogs that share stories like HuffPost. In this way, the act of preserving and sharing it with large numbers becomes easier.  Indeed, there are many websites like HuffPost where you can publish these and get to know the reader’s response.