3 Trends Men’s Watches Can’t Do Without

Watch trends can be tricky to tackle, especially when it comes to men. Contrary to women, men only have so many choices to go with. There are a few noteworthy however trends that have held on through the years, vintage and classical styles with a contemporary twist. For the novice or seasoned watch collector, these are the styles to look out for, to add an enduring sense of style to any collection.

And if any watchmaker really embodies these sensibilities, it’s Cartier. The luxe brand has always pioneered innovation in watchmaking, with a series of firsts and distinct styles to their name. You can find a wide selection of Cartier watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques, but first, check out these 3 prominent Cartier men’s watch styles to find your best fit:

Square Cases

There are only so many options when it comes to watch shapes. Round is routine, and frankly anything beyond rectangular is way too adventurous for most of us. When it comes to innovative watch case designs, thinking outside the box has rarely performed well in the market. In fact, thinking within the perfect 90-degreeconfines of the box has probably been the best design move in watchmaking.

Square cases have the benefit of being unique, yet not too outrageous –the perfect balance for a trend that’s here to stay. It’s distinct enough to make a subtle style statement without going over the top.

Credit goes to Louis Cartier for creating the first square wristwatch. The game-changing step taken by Cartier watches back in the day is making a grand comeback today across international watchmakers, yet retains a special place as Cartier’s iconic style. Let’s have a look at some top designs from the Santos-Dumont& Tank collections that capture Cartier’s characteristic style:

Cartier Santos De Cartier W20106X8


The edgy sheen of the case on this Cartier is a simple yet effective spin on the traditional design that definitely gets the vote of a whole new demographic –the young and trendy.

On the other hand, the subtle sheen of this model captures the essence of vintage for those with an inclination towards classical styles:

Cartier Santos De Cartier W2020068


Admittedly, this Tank model isn’t a perfect square, but its extraordinary craftsmanship surely demands a special mention!

Cartier Tank W5330005


 Small Cases

Not so long ago, conversations in the world of watches were all about going big. Men, women and children were all hopping on board the big watch bandwagon. 45-46mm watches were a common sight, and even 52mm cases were not uncommon among high-fashion brands.But today, the talking point has changed quite drastically to reflect a complete overhaul –big is out, small is in!

But as expected, small cases for men raises a few question sabout the associated feminine look.Despite the stereotypical apprehensions, seasoned watchmakers like Cartier havequite clearly proved otherwise. Cartier’s smaller timepieces do not miss out on a firm masculine appeal, but honestly –can we even be asking such questions in the 21st century? Looking at it from a purely aesthetic lens, the gendered debate takes a back seat, because ‘boy’, are small cases totally on trend!

That being said, high fashion brands have had to adapt to the changing trend. But iconic brands like Cartier, have long since included small cases in their collection –speaking not only of the brand’s timeless sense of style, but a forward-looking perspective we can all truly appreciate. Here’s a glimpse of some classic pieces from Cartier’s collection:

Cartier Ronde De Cartier W6800251 (Case size: 36mm)


Cartier Tank W2603156 (Case size: 26.6mm)


Cartier Santos De Cartier W2006951 (Case size: 34.6mm)


Mix Metals

While it may be a big fashion faux pas to pair a brown leather watch with black shoes, or a golden watch with a silver belt buckle, mix metal tickers are the perfect way to play it safe, yet stay on the cutting edge of fashion.

While the mix-metal trend grew in popularity in the women’s accessory market recently, ‘two-toned’ watches have always been in the game in the watchmaking industry. Yet again, we see how watchmakers have set the trend, reinstating their power to shape trends, even for top fashion houses to follow. A big win for fashion, a small feat for the genius of watchmakers!

A personal favourite of the mix-metal style is this striking Santos De Cartier timepiece:

Cartier Santos De Cartier W20107X7


The beautiful play of metals and materials weaves together a complete work of art. The Cartier brand’s classical sophistication shines strong in this one, yet it manages to go one step further with a super chic and contemporary feel. A timepiece that is sure to please the sensibilities of the traditionalists and modernists akin, you can pair this one with any outfit for a smart, stylish look.

For a more traditional dual-tone look, here are two of the greatest couple Cartiers:

Cartier Calibre De Cartier W7100054


 Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier W6920075