5 Smart Ways to Make a Fashion Statement

Some of us want to be trendsetters. We may start alone, but then soon find other like-minded people. This camaraderie brings about a change in our approach.

When you first started choosing the right fashion pieces, it was just based on your intuition and the advice of a few close friends. Later, using fashion magazine and blogs, you tried out different ideas, keeping those that worked and discarding the rest. Then, once your circle friends expanded and you were surrounded by other early adopters, you took a relaxed approach to style. And this is when you started to shine.

One priceless insight you probably hit upon at some time was that it’s not just about the outfit. It’s equally important to choose what goes with it—the fashion accessories that match your outfit.

When ruminating about accessories, you’ve got to consider the color, style, and scale of the pieces. You also must consider the occasion. For instance, take color. When you’re wearing black, white, gray, or some other neutral color, the color of your accessories will coordinate and add style.

Make Your Accessories Fashion Statements

Here are 5 tips to find just the right pieces to fit your budget, lifestyle, and personality.

1.) Make a fashion statement with jewelry: Mainstays, like moissanite engagement rings, are always stunning. What better way to complete your look than with a bold, attention-grabbing piece of statement jewelry. The beauty of this approach is that it only takes a single piece to complete your whole outfit.

  1. Make a fashion statement with watches:Watches may appear redundant after the advent of mobile phones, but that’s only if you think of them as functional pieces. While you may have a clock on any portable device you carry, it’s not about the time itself that makes watches so appealing. Wristwatches are not only the easiest way to see the time, day, and date at a glance, but they have become style statements. The smartphone has not made Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Blancpain, or Chopard obsolete. So, choose your favorite watch and wear it with pride.
  2. Make a fashion statement with belts:Belts do far more than hold up your jeans. They make a strong fashion statement.  Think of your belt they way you would think about your jewelry. If you wouldn’t wear a big gold chain around your neck, you shouldn’t wear a chunky belt with an antique gold buckle. The right belt can make an outfit look chic. The wrong belt can make you look frumpy and uncoordinated. Besides the size of the belt and buckle, the most important thing is color. Use a fashion color wheel to choose a belt that matches your shoes. Since identical matching is often hard to achieve, a fashion wheel, gets you close.
  3. Make a fashion statement with shoes: Since clothes cover a large portion of our body, shoes appear to be a secondary consideration. While it’s possible that shoes may get lost under long garments, statement shoes will give your ensemble a sense of completion. Shoes should fit the occasion. When you acquire many shoes, you can be versatile. A sharp dresser is always resourceful, managing to match shoes to an outfit and an outfit for any occasion.
  4. Make a fashion statement with handbags:Handbags have been a fashion statement for as long as anyone can remember. Since the early days of the handbag to the present, the handbag has always been a fashion icon. Once again, it’s not necessary to think only of practical needs. Each handbag has its own personality, and like your shoes, you should have plenty. Think of handbags as accessories that match an outfit.

Why Dress for Success?

In the final analysis, well-dressed people have an edge on everyone else. It’s not always about brand names, fit, texture, or other common fashion considerations. It’s about something else, something less tangible. It’s about feeling cool, calm, and collected.  When you look good, you just feel good.  When you dress well, including giving your accessories some thought, you feel great, and for this reason, you’re often perceived as smart, savvy, coordinated and sophisticated without saying a word.