5 Summer Menswear Styles Every Man Should Take Note Of

Summer Menswear

With Summer well upon us it is time to turn our minds to fashion, Summer can be one of the most dangerous times of year for fashion mistakes as the temptation to wear brighter colors and show off more skin takes over. If you want to make this Summer a stylish one then read on for our top menswear styles that you should be taking note of to ensure that you look good out there.


summer menswear

With many people’s vacations on the horizon beachwear will be something that sits at the top of the list of things to buy, particularly swimming shorts. If you want to look stylish this year on the beach then board shorts are wear you should be heading. Anything that hangs just below the knee looks fantastic, perfect for swimming and looks great once you throw on a vest or a t-shirt, flexible and cool, avoid the skimpies this year and grab some surfer style shorts.

Shirts and Shorts

Shirts and shirts make for a brilliant combination, for this style you will need a short sleeved shirt and you want to the shorts at around knee length, any longer looks to casual and any shorter just looks ridiculous. Try to keep it simple when choosing a shirt, very often a plain colored white shirt with navy blue shorts can work really well and it’s best to avoid patterns or designs. Pastel colors also work well with this style so try them out.


Caps seem to go through a cycle of being cool one minute to being quite the opposite the next, the good news is that right now they are very cool. The best look for these caps is to keep the peak flat, the 90’s bend that was so favored is exactly that…90’s, so you should be keeping that peak nice and straight. Also, try to avoid brand or large designs, a simple black cap looks brilliant with a variety of clothing options.

Boat Shoes

If there is just one purchase that you make this Summer then a pair of boat shoes should be it, there are plenty of styles and colors to choose from but a simple pair of brown leather shoes will serve you well. Best worn without socks and with trousers that have a hem above the ankle they are not only comfortable but look incredibly cool. These shoes work well with a smart or a casual outfit so a single purchase will cover you for many outfits.

Cleavage Up

Naturally this one depends on both your physique and your confidence but it is not just women who can display a little cleavage these days. You have a couple of options here if you want to show a little more chest, first option is to wear a shirt with plenty of buttons undone to give a fleeting glance of your chest and the second is to use a t-shirt with a large neck that accentuates all of your pectoral power.