Adding style to your mommy accessories

No matter how enthusiastic you feel about becoming a mom, the late stages of pregnancy can make it very difficult to feel like yourself. You’ll be lumpy, slow, and unable to wear your favorite clothes. Once the baby is out you’ll be anxious to get back to presenting yourself on your own terms. But it can take up to a year to lose the pregnancy weight even if you’re doing everything right, and you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by new gear whose designers had style right at the bottom of their list of considerations. Is there no way to go about life as a new mom looking good? The good news is that bringing some style into your life at this time is possible – you may simply need to search for a while to find what you need.


When it comes to baby gear, the most prominent thing you’ll have with you when you’re out and about is your stroller. There’s something to be said for Victorian style perambulators, which in basic black, will coordinate with anything, but they’re exhausting to try and get up and down steps, let along maneuver through the aisles in the supermarket. Fortunately, modern strollers are now starting to become available in black as well as in a number of funky patterns which are easier to pair with the clothes you actually want to wear, so you won’t be confined to floral patterns and baby colors just because you have a baby with you. You can also consider modifying your stroller with the new range of paints designed to adhere securely to plastic and metal, giving it a unique character.


If you’re feeling strong enough to take your baby’s weight when you’re out, and can take advantage of this great way to bond, you can find some great design work in papooses and baby-carriers. The beautiful batik patterns and South American weaves that have long made these carriers popular are still available, but they’ve been supplemented by a new range of stylish, utilitarian versions designed for parents who prefer a pared-down modern style. Now you can choose a style that really says something about you as a person, and gets looked at for more than just its passenger.

Diaper bags

Beyond what you need to transport your baby, there’s one other essential that you just can’t go out without, and that’s a diaper bag. It’s not something you can simply substitute for with another kind of bag because it needs to be properly waterproof and have lots of little pockets where you can store the things you need and access them quickly. The good news is that chic color palettes are now getting easier to find in accessories like this and the latest range of chic diaper bags isn’t all that easy to distinguish from any ordinary set of purses. They’re also affordable enough that you can buy a few, so that you always have something to complement your outfit.

Swaddling blankets

Whenever you’re going out for any length of time, you’ll want a blanket with you so that you can wrap up your baby if the weather takes a turn for the worse or if you need to arrange an impromptu nap. A good quality modern swaddling blanket with Velcro to hold it in place so your baby can’t fling it onto the floor is a big help, and blankets like this are now diversifying, so you can find one that suits your style. It may be a little thing but you’re often going to be seen in public with it and making small changes like this can do a lot to improve the way you feel about yourself.


If there’s one thing you’ll need in profusion in the early stages of motherhood, it’s towels! From burp cloths to bath towels, they’re always coming in handy, and your baby will work hard to soak or stain them as fast as they appear. Having attractive towels to take with you when you’re mobile is a big plus, and they’ll help you brighten up the bathroom at home. Just make sure you choose colorfast versions because you’re going to have to wash them a lot.

Getting it right with items like this can help you feel more sure of yourself as a new mom, reassuring you that there are still aspects of life you can be in control of, even when the impact of your baby on your life is overwhelming. It might take a while for you to get your figure back, but you can start looking good right away.