An Overview of Kids Clothing Trends 2017

This year, there seem to be a lot of similarities between fashion for adults and fashion for children. However, just because it looks similar, doesn’t mean it actually is similar. We now know that children’s clothing has to be age appropriate, safe, and comfortable. Hence, the only real similarities between this year’s fashion for adults and that for children are the fabric and cut. So what does 2017 have to bring in terms of kids’ fashion, and how do different brands, like Paper Wings Clothing, respond to this?

The Eco-Friendly Theme

2017 is all about being eco-friendly. You will see lots of designers switching to organic fabrics, particularly bamboo and cotton. This has been around for babies and adults, but it is now making its way into children’s fashion as well. In fact, there have been some designers who have started a whole eco line, and there are even some new designers who only offer eco products.

The Rock Theme

Rock is back, as is punk. Today, you can even find studded leather jackets for your kids! Or, if you want to go for the punk, you can choose the skull logos found in a variety of clothing. You can even get newborn baby girl skirts in hot pink with black skulls on!

The 80s Theme

While many people hoped that the 80s were a fashion generation that will be buried in the history books forever, the reality is that the fashion is back, and it is back with a vengeance. The 80s have been back for teens and adults for some time now, so it’s no surprise it is back for children as well. The 80s were all about bright colors, preferably neon, and bold patterns like thick strips and stars. Lots of different clothing collections are incorporating this style in their new line, so your child can really make a statement.

The Flowy Dress Theme

Do you love the idea of girly girls, in angelic flowy dresses? Then you’re in luck, because 2017 is the year that fashion is back. Best of all, you can make your daughter look completely unique, because the flowy dresses range in design from plain to colorful. All of them, however, are super sweet. They come in lots of different fabrics, so your daughter can instantly transform into the princess she really is inside. Paper Wings Clothing is one of the top brands for these types of dresses.

The Minimalist Theme

This is a very daring look, and it might go against everything we have learned about children and fashion as of late, but if you can pull it off, your child will really stand out from the crowd. The minimalist look is about keeping things simple, but throwing in that little bit of unique details. Think vicose, wool, curdoroy, and cotton fabrics in plain tones, but with a detail in a bright color, like blue, green, yellow, purple, or red.

These are the five main themes for 2017 – what will your child wear?