Details on 10 Most Expensive Watches You Need to Know

A decent watch is a hallmark of man’s style which illustrates his high aesthetic taste and makes him appear smarter, punctual, and more attractive to women. No doubt, it’s the easiest accessory which men can put on to look incredibly versatile and a true gentleman. If you adore classic watches and willing to invest in a branded watch, then you have landed at the right place as we are going to share details of the most valuable watches in all over the world.

1. Chopard L.U.C All in One

The stylish is inspired by the Roman God Janus and also known as Janus Watch. The God famed for his two faces and so does the watch has two dials and features stunning characteristics including astronomical readings, calendar, and a tourbillon. It’s designed very precisely and every detailing illustrates perfection at its best. Only ten watches were made in this edition and one as to spend a hefty amount of £374,000 to buy it.

2. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

The watch has a history that distinguishes it from other watches. Joanne Woodward, the beloved wife of Paul Newman gifted it to her husband with an engraved message “Drive Carefully”. The timepiece known as one of the most favorite watches of Rolex fans which recent price is £13,500,000. The price was paid by a buyer during the auction that confirms its value for worth for Rolex fanboys. Beautiful black and crème watch is unbeatable in grace and still seems untouched.

3. Maitres Du Temps Chapter One Round Transparence

The watch is an epitome of beauty perfection. It’s both classic and complex. The game changing model has 18k red gold case which add value to its appearance. We can’t say that the luxurious accessory won’t crack your coffers because it has a price tag of £404,000. There are only 11 watches of this edition which sold out within a few days of its launch. The watch has perfectly serves its purpose which was to collaborate with different watchmakers and introduce outstanding designs.

4. Christophe Claret DualTow NightEagle

It’s another piece of perfection that is packed out with gadgetry. The real “Black Beauty” for gentlemen and the best combination of classic and modern design. It is titled as “Night Eagle” due to its deep black color and time is told on two revolving belts while a special planetary gear system is present there to offer the movement. The design is so versatile that it will affect everyone, no matter a 14-year old boy or an old man. To counter the gravitational field, it features tourbillons while you also get a mini gong hammer to fix its dial. At the wallet-demolishing price of £445,000, the company has made only sixty pieces.

5. George Daniel Co-Axial Chronograph 

If you believe that beauty is in minimalism not in complexity, then George Daniel Co-Axial is something of your interest. The brand produced only a few watches, but all of them marked their value in the market and co-axial is one of the biggest contributions. The watch has great techy importance. Of course, it’s durable and reliable watch that sold for $619, 000 in auction in 2012. The beauty, elegance, and reliability are some features which justify its price.

6. Bulgari Magsonic Sonnerie Tourbillon Watch 

The watch is made of magsonic alloy that boosts its exquisiteness and proves it a worthwhile investment. Golden and black combination gives it a unique appearance while the complicated design makes it the first choice of royalty lovers. Monolith Bulgari claims that the watch proved the most money spinning piece when they purchased Swiss watch brand Gerald Genta. The current price of the watch is £620,000.

7. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication

The watch is a masterpiece that instantly grabs the attention of the viewer. Audemars isn’t a new name in business as they were very popular in creating remarkable cocktails, but their watches are something hard to ignore. It showcases precision, detailing, and beauty at their best and the hand finished insides give a reason as to why its price is £741,600. The other features include perpetual calendar, minute repeater, and split-second choreography.

8. Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater Tourbillon

This beautiful watch is inspired from the Roman Culture as you can clearly see the ancient warriors and an elephant, symbols of Roman culture. The minute repeater revolves around the Hannibalic War that covers the major part of the watch while the entire inside of the watch is hand-finished. Perfect engraving confirms the skills of the craftsmen and justifies its price tag that is around £571,000. The complex intricacies and Big Ben’s style watch is something that will impact on your wrist and stand your out from the rest.

9. Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4

Mega 4 is a feat of engineering and has ability to confuse you more than a maze. It has 36 different types of complications which justify its title “The Master of Complications”. See calendar of next 1000 years and check how amazingly 1, 483 individual components joined to make a masterpiece. There are many other electric features which stun the viewer from their functionality, creativity, and complexity. A piece of tourbillon is present on the dial while the glass sapphire case back makes it unique among all watches. The complex timepiece isn’t an easy to get thing rather you have to pay £1.8 million for it.

10. Louis Moinet Meteoris Collection

The watch is a tribute to the father of choreograph watches, Louis Moinet. Only four watches were created which feature different types of precious stones and meteorite pieces engraved into the dial. Every piece was unique and designed in a different style. As the price of Martian meteorites are 15 times more than the gold and their rate is $1000 per gram, £3.5 million is a justified price of these masterpieces.

Style has no cost and one shouldn’t give a second thought to an antique masterpiece. However, you can’t afford them, then stare these luxurious watches for free.