Fashion In Your Hands: 3 Accessories For The Ultimate Smartphone Stylist



Smartphone manufacturers long wanted to enter the fashion industry. Even during the dark days (pre-dating Android, iDevices, etc.) of mobile devices, brands tried to attract consumers who were conscious about personal styling. The market, however, was penetrated first by accessory manufacturers.

Today, thanks to accessory makers who integrated style into their offerings, the world of smart fashion is swinging your way. Even style icons like Kate Moss have jumped the bandwagon and are busy designing their own collection of smartphone accessories, acknowledging that a smartphone is a part of an individual’s overall style, just like a purse or shoe.

As the quintessential tactic to become the ultimate smartphone stylist is to buy an accessory, we thought it would be fun to list the top smartphone fashion accessories of 2016 and how they can help you make a fashion statement.

1. Phone Cases

Colorful, bubbly, kitsch and whatnot – smartphone cases continue to make a loud style statement. Manufacturers have released several different designs to make your iPhone, Samsung handset, etc. look trendy and chic. For instance, the pink NSSTAR designer case is perfect for individuals who have a nurtured discerning taste.

Likewise, the Elemental and similar designs provide a combination of elegance and solid content to impress everyone around. But fashion is not the only thing such cases add to your handset. The iPhone 7 case and others protect your smartphone from shocks, falls, and scratches. Some offerings come with shock-blocking technology that minimizes the risk of serious injury to your handset by dissipating impact energy.

2. Headphones/Earplugs

Headphones and earplugs, once bought for their functionality, have doubled up as style accessories. The evolution began when snowboarders and skiers made them look dope during sessions and then Dr Dre made headsets and earplugs for the bolder and more style-conscious smartphone owner. Other headphone and earplug brands followed the pattern, adding more style and substance to their products.

An example of a fashionable earphone is Marley Chant. Bob Marley’s style lives on these earphones. They’re made from aluminum and plastic. The wood housing shows the brand’s laid-back vibe, and the overall design is perfect to complement an ethnical look. In addition to the fashion aspect, Marley Chant produces a kicking sound. They come in a black color too, but the original make is spot on in terms of fashion.

3. Backup Chargers

Yes, even backup chargers are feeding the vibe of smartphone owners. So doesn’t it make sense to carry around a portable accessory that not only recharges your device but also enhances your credibility for good taste? We see you nodding up and down, and completely support the thought. There are several options you can go for.

For instance, the Ventev Powercell portable charger comes with bright orange and black highlights that you can match with a similar smartphone case and a summer dress. The charger has micro-USB, lightning cables, and AC prongs (all built-in). There’s also an LED indicator that keeps you updated on how much power is left. Prongs will fold out neatly, enabling you to put the charger in your bag or pocket when you’re ready to move.

It won’t be long before people start noticing your device after you increase its appeal with these accessories.