His + Hers: Your Guide To His And Hers Jewelry

Are you and your fiance planning to wear his and hers jewelry? Here’s your ultimate guide to the cutest, most romantic pieces.

Matching wedding or engagement rings are a fun and romantic way for couples to express their love and devotion, while others may think it’s like wearing matching “I’m with stupid” tee shirts.

They are petty and jealous of your love. Ignore them! There are all kinds of great ways you can make his and hers jewelry for you and your partner. You can find them ready made or have something special made for the both of you.

What could be more romantic and personal than having his and hers jewelry items with your special theme or message. It links you together, when you are together and when you are apart.

His and hers Jewelry Ideas

There are plenty of jewelry items available, from department stores to street vendors, but you can also have something special made or have additions to pieces you have found and really like.


Matching rings for him and her are a fun and romantic idea. You can get them in different colors, have rings made that interlock or have something special engraved, like the date or a word from your vows.

Interlocking rings are a popular item for his and hers jewelry. The engraved heart, each ring holding its own half and a full heart when they are together are popular but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it unique and your own.

You can get far more creative with the interlocking rings, perhaps have a map engraved that connects to the other, names, or even some type of his and her symbols.

Pendants and Necklaces

This is an area where you can really go crazy and have fun. Anything you have in common, something that symbolizes the both of you, you can have it made, or even have items you already have made into pendants.

The interlocking hearts are popular, along with the key and heart, but you could have pictures engraved on your choice of metals. Pictures of you, your children, or your pets.

Having something custom made is a fun idea, and can reflect where you met. Guitar picks, scissors, transit tokens, jigsaw puzzle pieces, anything you can think of. Learn more and get fabulous ideas.


Lockets are another great idea for his and her jewelry. You can have them engraved, or even have a hidden message that only you both can share. Pictures are also a great idea, but you can use them for all sorts of personal and meaningful ideas.

Lockets, like pendants, can be custom made and have interlocking pieces for you each to wear.

Missing parts of hearts, or flowers, or your names can be substituted for the more traditional heart or oval type of lockets.

These can be custom made or if you have some old family heirlooms that you can use, you can have them engraved, or even just cleaned and repaired and worn as they are to continue your family tradition.


Bracelets have a long tradition for messages and t is still done today. People make friendship bracelets or wear a certain color to support a cause. You can have his and hers jewelry done in personalized bracelets to send the message, ‘I’m taken’.

These can be made of all types of different materials, have engraving, messages, names, dates, or have symbols that you both really like and relate to. Even if your bracelet is one worn for medical purposes, you can still bring the bling to these, and even match them with your partner’s.

Another popular theme is the missing part of one piece is on the other, or the opposites of things, like sun and moon, his and her symbols, with animals, or the traditional kinds, as well.


While brooches and pins may seem more like ladies jewelry, there are many nice sets that can be found or custom made. You may have older relatives that have lapel pins, hat pins, cufflinks, and brooches.

While these are not items you would wear every day, they can be fabulous and fun for those special occasions where you dress up. Subtle but beautiful, and a great way to pay tribute to your long lost grandparents or family.

You can even have these items cleaned up or repurposed for use as other items of jewelry. If there are nice settings or stones, you can always have them made into something else you can use every day.

Body Art and Jewelry

While it may not be completely unique to have your wedding rings tattooed on, yours can be.

Find an original idea for yours, if that’s the way you want to go. You can also have matching or corresponding tattoos done on other areas, as well, that symbolize your life and your love.

Same with getting matching or complimentary body jewelry for matching piercings. You can get a pair of diamond studs for your nose piercings or have something custom made to use for your his and hers jewelry.

Matching tattoos can be fun and you can have them in less obvious places if you have a more conservative workplace. The beauty about them is you can really get whatever you want, so it is completely unique to you.

You Gotta Be You

You really are only limited by your lack of imagination. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your his and her jewelry and it doesn’t need to make a fashion statement. If you want it to make a splash, then do that.

The jewelry is really for you and your partner, to symbolize your love and your life. It is meant to be a representation of what your love means, so if that is about where you met, or some kind of ordeal you went through together, then use that to keep your ideas original.

Find some piece of his and hers jewelry that you both like or support your local artist and have something very special made to keep your ideas all your and unique, just like you and your love.