How to Pick the Perfect Boots for Women

No one could have described the importance of the right kind of shoes for a woman than Marilyn Monroe who claimed, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Boots are an all-time favorite accessory adorned and loved by women all around the world. The right kinds of boots for women can make or break an outfit and enhance their legs. That being said, it is very important that you should know precisely the kind of boots that fit your legs and enhance your structure. Ladies boots come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials including polyester, leather, suede etc. They can do wonders in giving an outfit more individuality and enhancing your style. They can even help balance your entire body and boost your confidence. So, get ready to find your own perfect kinds of boots.

  1. Women with Skinny Calves:

Do wear:

Pointy boots: If you have skinny calves and legs in general, enhance your delicate legs by adorning boots that are pointy in the toes and add shape to your legs.

Boots with heels: Rather than going for flat sole and platformed boots, opt for sleek and stylish boots with a narrow heel of three to five inches. They make your legs look lean and long. They are not only perfect for women with thin calves, but are universally flattering too.

Lace-up leather boots: These boots add bulk to your calves, while the clinching gives you a second skin kind of look such that it accentuates your calves.

Chunky boots: Also known as motorcycle boots or combat boots, they amplify your calves and show off your slenderness.

Ankle boots: While difficult for most women to wear, they are the perfect accessory to make your calves look thicker, fuller and shapelier. For industrial women working around big machines, ankle boots with safety toe should be preferred. Find yourself the perfect safety boots at FR Outlet.

Do not Wear:

Sock boots: These kinds of shoes only make your calves look skinnier and dainty, so stay away from them.

Microfiber boots: These boots just look like you are wearing tights with heels and are very unflattering, especially in dark colors.

  1. Women with Fuller Calves:

Do wear:

Semi structured boots: Winter style boots such as uggs and moccasin suit your legs well. Their bulkiness masks your own bulk all the while keeping you warm and toasty.

Zip up knee length leather boots: The higher the length of the boots the better.

Wedge-heel boots: Shapely heels on boots look best on you, making sure the bottom part of your foot looks sculpted.

Do not wear:

Slouchy unstructured boots: Boots that are unshapely and particularly those that hit mid-calf should be the least of your preferences, because they draw excess attention to your calves by bulking you up.

Tight/ tubular boots: Do not try and squeeze your calves into tight boots that cut off your circulation. If the ankle or calf of the boot is overly tight, it will make your calf look even larger. Furthermore, it will leave uncomfortable bands around the top of your legs.

  1. Women with Long Legs:

Do wear:

Flat boots: They’ll look good on you because of your height giving your body a rest from the high heels.

Knee-high boots/ tall boots: Your long legs give you the advantage of pulling these off without making you look disproportionate or stumpy and feel lucky because only few people can work these well.

Do not wear:

High platform boots: Stay away from super high platform boots unless you can manage balancing out the upper of your body with the lower part.

  1. Women with Short Legs:

Do wear:

Really high platform boots: Your legs look a mile long in these, and they are probably the most comfortable kind of boots available.

Slingback boots: These boots help lengthening the look of your legs, as they don’t have straps bisecting the line of your foot. They look especially great in neutral and skin tones.

Do not wear:

Super high boots: These boots come up over your knees making you look like you’re all boot, wondering where your legs went.

Square-toed boots: The weird and abrupt toe ending makes your legs look too compact.

While this is a generalized guide to the types of boots for women that fit different kinds of structures, you must not completely confine yourself to one type. With the amount of variety in colors, designs and styles available these days, only you can judge what fits you the best. Women boots have to be one of their favorite things to shop for, so splurge on a good pair of leather boots and you won’t regret it.