Tips to Help You Find the Right Sweater for Your Pooch

A lot of people think that dog sweaters are just a fun accessory, suitable mainly for small designer dogs. In reality, however, sweaters are vital items for dogs of all breeds, and particularly during the winter months. As dogs have gotten domesticated, their fur is no longer suitable for the cold, harsh conditions they are subjected to. At the same time, however, sweaters absolutely are a fashion accessory, as you don’t want your dog to look terrible. So how do you pick the right one for your furry friend?

Tips to Find the Right Dog Sweaters

There are a number of tips to be aware of if you are in the market for a new sweater. Understanding that it is much more than a fashion accessory is a good starting point. Essentially, just as you wear a sweater and a coat during the winter, dogs also need to be kept warm, as their coat of fur just isn’t enough. If you have a breed that sheds a lot, like a Labrador, you will quickly understand that those animals can get extremely cold very quickly. Let’s take a look at some other tips:

  1. Speak to your vet to find out how much protection your dog needs, and whether it has any sensitivities or other problems that could affect the type of sweater they should wear. A good vet should be able to happily provide you with those tips.
  2. Visit your local pet stores to see the selection of clothes that are out there. However, it is best to actually shop online, as things tend to be a lot cheaper. Plus, online shopping is more convenient.
  3. Make sure that the sweater you choose covers all of your dog’s stomach. There are a lot of coats out there that only cover your dog’s back, and while those are better than nothing, it is actually the stomach area that needs the most protection, as this is the spot where they have the least hair.
  4. Always make sure that the sweater is the right size. If it is too small, your dog will be very uncomfortable. If it is too big, your dog could get tangled when out on walks, and this could lead to big problems. Don’t only focus on the breed of your dog, but on their actual size.
  5. Check that the sweater comes with a care tag. This will tell you how to clean the sweater regularly, because it is likely to get very dirty, dogs being dogs, after all. Check that the sweater can be machine washed if you don’t want to spend an eternity getting the mud off by hand.
  6. Bring your dog when you want to buy a sweater. This means you can actually fit the sweater on the dog, see if it’s comfortable, and that it looks good on them.

By following the above tips, you should be able to find a greater sweater and keep your trusty companion nice and snug during the colder seasons.