Top Autumn Fashion Choices for Men

As sad as it is to say, we are now in August and soon the summer will be over to make way for autumn. I personally love autumn, all the trees changing colors, leaves falling, and change just feels like it is in the air, I love the temperature around autumn too, chilly but not cold and sunshine most days. With this in mind, my thoughts have started looking to clothing options for this autumn, I was looking at House of Fraser Menswear the other day and decided that it is time I started looking for my autumn wardrobe, if you feel like you want to start as well then here are my top tips for this autumn.



This year I’m looking at copper colors to match with the trees and blend in to the surroundings, I love copper and recently there are far more jumpers and coats that are this cool rusty looking color. The other thing about this color is that because it is an Earth color, it fits with almost every other color, easy to match and combine, the perfect color for this autumn.

Chunky Footwear

Not only to wade through the leaves on the ground, although it will help, but also to look super stylish this year you should invest in some clumpy shoes. Big boots and high soled trainers look great and they work well with jeans or trousers. Ariat mens square toe cowboy boots are a good choice. I have purchased some cool brown boots that have big soles, they are super comfortable and look great with my raw denim jeans and my new rust colored jacket.

High Neck

I’m not suggesting that you should go down the turtle-neck route but a loose fitting, high-necked jumper looks super cool underneath a large coat, this autumn if you want to stand out then high necked jumpers are where it’s at. Lots of the shops are already stocking them for the autumn so get out there and snap them up quickly before others jump onto the trend.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are really for all seasons but this autumn I particularly think that leather jackets will be bigger than usual. I have a short leather jacket with elasticated waist, it looks so cool with a hoody underneath it as well, perfect to keep your warm on the night time without feeling like you are wearing 100 layers. Leather jackets can be tricky to buy, different styles suit different people so make sure you try on a lot of different types before making a purchase.

So there we have it, my tips for autumn 2016, I feel really happy about my choices for this year, whilst I really don’t want summer to end, I will feel happy when autumn comes around and I can start wearing my new trends. The best thing is that I still have some time left before autumn comes to buy some more gear and really stock my wardrobe up for the cooler months. Don’t forget, copper is this years color that you need to be wearing.